Hair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

All of us are guilty of making mistakes when it comes to our hair. Perhaps we dyed it too light causing hair loss, or we rocked a mullet or we simply did not stop in for regular trims. Committing cardinal hair sins is a right of passage. You can only know your hair and what suits you if at some point, you deviate off track and select a style that just doesn't suit you.

That said, if you could avoid falling into the pit of bad hair, then surely you would! Here are our top tips to make sure that you can keep your hair looking healthy and uniquely yours.

Listen to Mother Nature

Mother Nature blesses us all with slightly different genetic gifts. We don't necessarily have to like them, but they are what they are. Take into consideration your natural hair color, length, texture and thickness. If you hate the hair you were given, it is of course possible to change it. That is the wizardry and magic of hairdressing! But learning to love the hair you have and working with rather than against it can lead to healthier hair over time. Typically, what you have is what suits you best.

Don't Follow Trends Blindly

It's great to keep abreast of the latest hair trends. It gives you an idea of what's on the horizon and helps you get ahead of the crowd but it's a bad idea to blindly follow any trend. Is everyone around you going blonde? It doesn't mean that you need to! Were you happily growing your hair out until all your friends started opting for pixie cuts? It's a good idea to know what you want from your hair and to establish certain core hair values. What do you want your hair to say about you? Examples of words might include healthy, rebellious, modern, conventional, seductive, beachy or sophisticated. Always think if the next hair step you take is in line with or against these hair values.

Make it Mutual

Some people listen to their hairdresser too much to the point where there hairdresser dominates the session. Others don't listen at all and flat out deny the hairdressers experience. It's very important that the relationship between hairdresser and client is one of reciprocity. Your hairdresser should be able to tell you what may and may not work on your hair but you should also feel comfortable to speak up about what you want.

Work With Your Features

What works for one person may not work for you. One of the biggest mistakes people make is making what works for someone else try to work for them. For example, pixie cuts can work well on very striking features and also very petite, pixie like features but they certainly don't work for everyone. What is your face shape? What do your ears look like? What is your eye color? What shape are your brows, your nose? Are there areas of your face that you'd like to accentuate or hide away?

All of these factors influence how a hair style looks on you. Your natural coloring is a great way to gauge what works for you. Some people are lucky enough to pretty much suit any color, cut or style. Others are not quite so lucky! Be honest about what suits you. A good idea is to try out wigs before making a permanent alteration to see what makes you pop and what washes you out.

Don't Trust the Magazines

Magazines photoshop and filter their images. In fact they perform all kinds of hair wizardry. A lot of shots actually feature wigs and hair pieces as well as extensions. This is why it is essential to speak with a stylist. They can decipher exactly how to replicate a similar look for you. The color might come out differently on you or might not be achievable without the use of extensions. An honest hairdresser will be authentic about the kind of results that you can achieve.

Going Too Light or Too Dark

Often changing your hair color involves changing everything else; your make-up palette, your skin tone and the clothes you wear. If you have naturally very dark hair, light blonde or garish tones can wash you out. If you are naturally very fair with light eyelashes and eyebrows then dark hair may not flatter you at all unless you also change up the color of your lashes and brows. A shade or two darker or lighter than your own color is what most professionals recommend however of course there are those who suit a complete image overhaul!

Going Dramatic But Not Being Prepared For The Upkeep!

Any time you select an 'unnatural' shade or color such as red, blue or purple, you have to be prepared for the upkeep. Such colors tend to fade quickly as the dye pigments are large. The upkeep will require money and time. Are you happy to re-do your roots every time they come through? If not, you'll need a more easy to maintain style. Opt for highlights, low-lights or balayage instead.

Heat Styling Excessively

If you want to experiment with your hair, you will inevitably need to use heat. Excessive heat styling however is dangerous and damaging for the hair. It will cause the ends to split and break off. Style hair when there is a special occasion but otherwise treat it gently. Brush with a boar bristle brush, wide toothed come or tangle teezer and let hair air dry from time to time. If you absolutely must blow dry, put the hairdresser on a lower setting to minimize damage.

And the hair rules you should follow?

* As often as possible, work with what you've got
* Create hair values. Do you want your hair to be 'flirty, feminine, short, exotic?'
* Find a celebrity hair inspiration; ideally someone who resembles you in terms of coloring and facial features. Watch our for their hair mistakes and hot looks! It's likely that you will garner similar results
* Find people who you trust with your hair
* Think before you commit. Play around with wigs and temporary color before you take the plunge, especially if you are unsure
* Remember, if you do make a mistake, it's only hair and it WILL grow back!