How To Care For Your Hair This Summer

Summer is one of our favorite times of year but it also brings unique hair challenges. Caring for your hair when your arch nemesis is a triple threat of sun, salt and heat is no easy feat. Fortunately, it is still possible to give your hair the optimum opportunity to shine this summer.

Understand The Risks
Summer can have a positive impact on our hair, that’s for sure. The sea and sun combined can bless us with au natural highlights that flatter instantly. For some people, the sun brings their hair to life, boosting its volume, thickness and lustre.

Paradoxically, summer can also be a true hair enemy. The sun can frazzle and dry out hair as well as render it frizzy and unmanageable. Salt water can make hair difficult, tangled and cause split ends. Swimming pools can make color run or even change and the chemicals are not particularly gentle on a substance as delicate as our hair.

You might go on holiday with glorious hair only to return with a woefully inept mane riddled with breakages, split ends and lifelessness. Hardly seems worth the cost of the airplane ticket does it?

All of your obstacles are presented to you by the sun and its heat as well as sea salt and chlorinated water. Understanding the origin of the risks and the susceptibility of your hair is half the battle.

Protect Your Scalp!
The scalp nourishes our hair. It is the powerhouse where all vitamins, minerals and nutrients are delivered to our hair follicles. During summer, the harsh heat of the sun can burn and dry out the scalp particularly for those who are partial to dandruff or psoriasis. It’s ideal to wear a cap, hat or scarf over the head to protect the scalp from the suns blistering heat especially during the hottest hours of the day (typically between 10am and 3pm). 

Wash hair with a nourishing shampoo that combats dryness and agitation. The less chemicals present in the shampoo the better! Ensure that the shampoo you choose addresses your specific scalp needs.

Speak To Your Hairdresser
We all have slightly different hair types that are influenced differently by summer. If you are unable to identify what your hair type is, speak with your hairdresser, who will be able to suggest products and solutions to ensure that your hair is optimally protected. Identify whether or not your hair is dry, greasy, inflicted with dandruff or psoriasis, straight, curly, colored, permed, treated, straightened, limp, thick and so on. 

You will then be able to address the curve balls that summer will throw your way. For instance, colored hair will be more devastated by a trip to the pool than natural hair will be! Dandruff-prone hair will probably be attached with dryness and flakes when exposed to hot weather! Curly hair will be prone to frizz and may balloon in size.

Guard Your Color
Colored hair can be very impacted by challenges left, right and center. Chlorinated water can turn blonde hair green or dry it out even more. Permed hair can be left limp and brittle. It’s best to avoid colors and hair treatments before a holiday unless you plan to protect your hair adequately either with hair care products or by concealing your hair from the sun. Hair that has been dyed blonde, red or an artificial color such as purple or blue is very at risk! Coloring or treating hair a few months prior to your holiday is advised as the color/treatment will have time to settle.

Moisturize Your Hair!
The sun, sea and salt can be incredibly drying. Just as the sun can dry out the skin, the consequences for your hair are identical. It’s essential to keep the scalp and hair moisturized. You can use hair sprays, lotions and potions that serve as a sun screen for your hair. Ensure that you condition your hair with a deep conditioner after every trip to the pool or the sea. Add leave-in conditioners to your hair whilst you swim and remember to use hair treatments just as you would at home. Leave them in a little longer for added impact.

Be Lax With The Shampoo
If you are out in the sun excessively, chances are that you will sweat and your hair will become greasy. It can be tempting to over wash the hair however in doing so, you may make your hair even dryer! Use a minimal amount of shampoo (a coin shaped size is ideal) and use plenty of water to create a rich lather. Do not shampoo your hair before swimming, only afterwards. Use dry shampoo to combat periods of excess grease

Avoid Extra Heat
It can be tempting to heat style your hair whilst on holiday but burning your hair in the sun all day and then adding heat at night is a recipe for disaster. Let your hair breath and go natural or use protective styles such as buns, loose ponytails and braids. Let your hair air dry; you may discover natural waves or kinks that you can use to your advantage.

Trim Your Hair
When you return from your holiday, book a trim to annihilate the damage that you have accumulated during your trip. The ends tend to show up the worse damage but fortunately, a quick snip and the harm can be immediately erased.

Finally, remember to enjoy your trip and let your hair have a holiday too!