How to Ditch Dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most common, embarrassing and irritating hair and scalp complaints. No matter how heavenly your hair, a bad bout of dandruff can undo everything in an instant!
There are a myriad of reasons why a person may be afflicted with dandruff. You might naturally be prone to dry skin, particularly if you suffer with dry skin elsewhere on your body. Paradoxically, an oily scalp can also be prone to dandruff. Irregular shampooing can also cause a resurgence in dandruff. Suffering with eczema or psoriasis can also make the condition prevalent. Another common cause of dandruff is having an allergic response or sensitivity to chemicals in hair products that you frequently use such as shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products. Being too rough when washing hair can also really antagonize the scalp!
So how can you ditch the dandruff?
Identify The Cause
As outlined above, there are many reasons why a person can be struck down with dandruff. It’s very important to identify the cause. You may be able to do this yourself but if not, your hairdresser may be able to ‘diagnose’ the cause of your scalp sensitivity. You can also visit your GP to gain a greater understanding of what may be sabotaging your scalp.
Change Your Shampoo
Dandruff manages to get a grip when a person regularly uses a shampoo that is unsuited to the hair type. If you suffer with dandruff, you want to use a shampoo specifically designed to target dandruff. There are many such products available on the market but you may wish to ask your hairdresser or GP directly. Using inappropriate products is a key reason why dandruff dominates. Shampoos that contain zinc pyrithione, tar, salicylic acid, ketoconazole, or selenium sulfide as an active ingredient are ideal.
Wash Your Hair Gently
When dandruff is a real problem, you may wish to wash your hair every day or every other day until the situation is under control. Use a small amount of product (it can be tempting to use more but don’t.) Some shampoos advise shampooing twice; once to clear the dandruff debris and twice to treat the scalp below. Wash your scalp gently. If your scalp is also itchy or inflamed, it can be tempting to be rough with the scalp – don’t. Leave the product on for the advised time which is usually between 3-5 minutes and wash thoroughly. Failing to wash out all of the product can irritate and agitate the scalp, inadvertently promoting more dandruff!
Avoid Excessive Heat
Avoid any situation where excessive heat may bake the scalp such as sun bathing or using a hairdryer too close to the scalp. If you must blow dry your hair, keep your hair dryer at a safe distance or use a cooler setting. Excessive heat dries the scalp and increases the risk of more dandruff coming your way.
Eat Well, Drink Well, Smile More
Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats and oil-laden fish. Drink plenty of water, sleep well and devise strategies to limit stress. Stress can inflame the skin including the scalp and dehydration will excessively dry out the skin.
Escalate The Issue if Necessary
If your dandruff is not easing no matter you try, speak with your GP and hairdresser for help. Dandruff is such a common ailment and typically relatively easy to get under control. If your hair is consistently itchy, it will be necessary to ensure that lice or other concerns are not the culprit! There will be a solution for you!