How to Keep Hair Healthy

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The first step with hair care is health. If your hair isn’t healthy, no cut, color or style will give it much glow. Caring for your hair should be a priority, and if you didn’t already know, here is a refresher of everyday things that you can do to bolster the health (and happiness) of your hair.

Lay Off The Heat!
Hair is made from the protein keratin, the very same protein that forms our nails. Hair is strong and can withstand a lot of abuse but it is also susceptible to damage and heat is the key culprit. Straightening, curling, blow drying, excessive dying (particularly with bleach) and frying hair in the sun are all damning for beautiful hair. Healthy hair and the consistent application of heat are not compatible!

The solution? Save the heat styling for special occasions and always use a protective heat spray before styling. Let your hair air dry a few times a week and be cautious about the strength of the dye you opt for on your hair. Opt for drying hair with a boar bristle brush and a lower heat setting on your hairdryer; no straightener required! Always get your hair dyed in a salon; it's easy to underestimate the strength of box dyes and your hairdresser can keep an eye on how your color develops.

Spoil Your Hair With Treatments
Whether you style your hair to hell and back or not, you should always treat your hair. Regular treatments keep hair soft and glossy and can be used to cure a vast variety of hair ailments such as dryness and frizz. Hair gets fatigued and treatments, although they cannot reverse damage, can work as a precaution preventing against future damage. It’s typically advised to treat hair once or twice weekly but you can treat the hair more frequently for optimum results. There are a plethora of hair treatments on the market but you can also care for hair at home utilizing ingredients such as avocados, eggs, olive oil and even beer!

Detangle Before You Lay A Hand On Your Hair!
Detangle knots gently with a wide toothed comb or tangle teezer. Brush from the bottom up. Never brush damp or wet hair as it is more prone to breakage. You can also use your hands as a brush or a boar bristle brush for extra gentleness.

Trim As You Go
The longest hair can be years old so even if you care for it perfectly, it’s likely to have incurred some damage over time. Get your hair trimmed regularly. The typical rule of thumb is half an inch every 6 weeks but you may opt for more or less depending on your particular hair needs.

Eat and Drink Well
The greatest way to care for hair is to eat and drink as though your body truly is a temple. Drink plenty of water, eat lots of omega 3 rich fish, nuts, eggs, green leafy vegetables and fruits. By eating and drinking well, your body will absorb the powerhouse of nutrients, vitamins and proteins you are exposing it and your hair will lap it up! The quality of your hair is a reflection of your overall health; what you eat and drink, how much you sleep, any health conditions and stress will all be reflected in how your hair looks and feels. Keep yourself happy and healthy and your hair will follow your lead!

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