Introducing the Hot Hair Trends of 2016

Hair that is equally hot and heavenly is not always easy to achieve. A common resolution when entering into the New Year is to embrace a hot new hair look but it can be difficult to know where to start! We’ve sourced some of the styles that are set to sizzle in 2016 so that the next time you take a trip to your hairdressers, you can be sure that the transformation will be noteworthy!
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Whenever a new hair trend emerges, it’s quite common to see an army of clones who have all embraced the look in the exact same way. Does anyone else remember the Ombré army? If a person wants an ‘on trend’ hair style or cut, they rarely want to look just like everybody else. A great way to embrace individuality is to accept and work with your natural hair. Is your hair thin or thick, wavy, curly or poker straight? Does it grow quickly? Do you prefer keeping it short? Working with what you’ve got minimizes the time, effort and finances that you’ll need to contribute to your hair and what Mother Nature gives us is usually what flatters us the most.
Equally, it’s fine to jump in the deep end and go for a completely unique look. Perhaps you want to go from a blonde to a brunette or you’re so used to having heat straightened hair that you want to do something different this time. The key is to work the look in a way that suits you rather than the look that everyone else is working with. It’s okay to Ombré your hair, but perhaps you want the colors to be more subtle? It’s okay to straighten your hair, but perhaps you want to add bangs to keep the look fresh? Keep an eye on what trends are looming but be sure to add your own twist, or work with a hairdresser who can help cultivate the look in a way that suits you.
Long, Well-Maintained Tresses
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Long hair is always in style as it screams raw femininity. But long, lackluster hair is a definite no-no. A lot of women, in an attempt to emulate Hollywood stars, grow their hair to lengths that unconsciously sabotages their overall look particularly when coupled with heat styling. A lot of celebrities are using extensions to achieve the long locked look; yes even Brooke Shields in ‘’The Blue Lagoon” was wearing extensions! Grow your hair to a healthy, happy length. If you want to play with longer but it just doesn’t look (or feel texturally) right, you can always play with extensions as and when.
Low Buns
A bun might not sound glamorous but hair trends are beginning to reflect modern women’s lifestyles. A woman who works hard, plays hard and gyms hard doesn’t always have time to spend on her hair. The low bun embraces chic sophisticated elegance and is a very low maintenance do that can fit in with any woman’s schedule. Unlike its more complex hairstyle counterparts, it’s also easy for women to replicate.
The Bob
Miranda Kerr, famed for her floaty locks, went for the chop and adopted a long bob this year. The look is set to be BIG in 2016 with Gigi Hadid also embracing the shorter look. Bobs really accentuate and sharpen the features of a pretty face. Bobs don’t enjoy enduring popularity and it tends to wax and wane as a hair staple. Although the straight bob is classically popular, wavy and curly tresses lend a playfulness to the look. If a bob is too dramatic a change for you, a lob (longer bob) is a great way to try out the style. You can then take it shorter if you want to. 
Natural Colors
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Having fun with outlandish and even unnatural colors is fun and something that all women enjoy. However one of the latest hair trends is to make do with natural colors. This is the perfect low maintenance look for most women; it involves no dye (unless you want to go a shade or two lighter) and little upkeep. It’s important to get the cut and style right for this look to take off. Natural hair, when well cared for, is also the healthiest.
So the next time you visit your hairdresser, discuss the above options with them and see what innovative looks you can come up with together. Remember, it’s all about making the trends work for you.