Get the Look: French Braids in 5 Easy Steps

We've always been obsessed with braids, but when we saw how many celebrities—like Kim KardashianKaty PerrySelena GomezRihanna, and Vanessa Hudgens—were rocking french braids, we had to get to the bottom of this very important matter. After all, braiding is one thing, but french braiding is quite another. That's why we went straight to the experts at Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills, CA to have them teach us their ways and perfect the adorable hairstyle.
Keep scrolling to learn how to french braid your hair in five easy steps!  

Here's How to Get French Braids 

Introducing our hair expert and stylist, Misty Darwin, for Brighton Salon. 


Step 1:

Part hair in the middle with a comb.

Tip: While you're braiding one section of the hair, make sure to the clip the other section, so it doesn't get in the way of braiding. 

Step 2:

Grab three thin pieces of hair on the top of your head and begin tightly braiding the strands together. Make sure to cross strands under the middle piece rather than over it. This will create the "inverted" braid look.  

Step 3:

Secure hair with a rubber band. 

Step 4:

Repeat on the other side.  

Step 5:

Finish with hairspray. Voila!