How To Find Your Perfect Color

Although it’s fun to play around with varying looks in order to experiment, securing that signature style is very much like cementing a signature scent. It isn’t always easy to achieve, in fact, it can be downright evasive, but once you put your stamp on your style, it’s eternally yours. A good style retains an ageless, classic appeal; it suits you at 20 as well as at 60. It works for you whether you’re in the office or partying with friends. A huge part of finding that style is to find a color that is perfect for YOU. No-one else. You alone. But with such a rainbow of kaleidoscopic shades, tints and hues available, how do you refine your search and how do you know that you’ve made the perfect choice?

What’s Your Natural Color?

Marilyn Monroe was a natural blonde who utterly popped once introduced to a bottle of blonde dye. Emma Stone, a natural blonde, stands out from the crowd with her red tresses. Sometimes a complete image overhaul can be the making of a woman.

However, the standard rule of thumb is that most women suit a color as close to their natural coloring as possible. It’s usually advisable to lighten hair by a shade or two. If you’re a brunette, chances are you’ll look better dark. Likewise if you’re fair, lighter tones will emphasise your complexion.

Some women are fortunate to suit any hue. They can be redheads, blondes or brunettes, but there is usually a particular color that, once worn, becomes a steady statement. So what has nature given you and do you want to work with it or against it?
What Are You Trying To Convey?
Your hair color should project the essence of who you are as a woman. That may sound like a tall order, but Cameron Diaz with blonde hair emphasises a lighter, playful, all-American girl vibe. Give her dark hair and the effect becomes more sultry rendering Cam more panther-like.
Hair also comes with stereotypes which can be fun to break. The ‘rule’ that blondes are ditzy can be shattered when an intelligent, articulate woman takes the plunge for lighter locks. Likewise red hair conveys a sense of bold fire, which can be subdued by a quieter personality.

Some women really connect with a certain color. They simply feel at home as a blonde or better as a brunette. Think about your personality; the core of who you are. How can your hair reflect this? Will you feel like sunshine personified with blonder hair? Will red hair suit your fiery temperament? Do blue highlights bring out your inner mermaid?
Do You Want Low Or High Maintenance?
Certain colors are more high maintenance than others and it’s something that every woman should be prepared for before she commits to a new color.
Blonde hair requires frequent touch ups on the roots and red hair and artificial colors such as purple, blue or pink are prone to fade rapidly due to the large particles in the dye.
Opting for a color close to your own, or for subtle highlights is a more low maintenance way to keep a color. If you really want to go for a whole new look, consider that you may need to adapt a more high maintenance approach to hair or consider cultivating the color in a way that requires a little less upkeep, such as a balayage instead of an all over blonde.
Who Do You Look Like?
Is there a celebrity whose likeness you bare? If so, these guys can be a great source of inspiration! With a few exceptions, many celebrities are literally light-years ahead of the competition. If they are sporting a look, chances are it’s in vogue.
There are several ways you can compare yourself to a famous figure. One is face shape. The second is coloring; how does your skin tone, hair and eyes compare? The third is features; do you literally bare a very familiar likeness to them? In this way you can help gauge if a look will suit you.
There are also many online sites that enable you to upload your photograph and experiment with styles to see what will look good on you before you pay for it! If that sounds too techy, you can also sport various wigs to see which colors pop on you and which leave a lot to be desired.
The Grass Isn’t Always Greener
It’s very easy to have great hair and to still be envious of the locks of others. We always want what we can’t have. It’s an awkward human trait that doesn’t always do us much good!
Blondes wonder how they’d look as brunettes. Brunettes wish they were blondes. Pixie cut styles reminisce about bouncy curls. Long haired ladies long to lop it all off. It’s the way of the world. The important thing to consider is that just because you might have a moment of hair envy, doesn’t mean you should change your hair just like that. Embrace the color you’ve chosen; make a list of all the reasons why you love it and why it suits your lifestyle. If you're inspired rather than envious, maybe it's time to make a change?
Are You Cool Or Warm Toned?
Another good way to judge color is to consider whether or not you are cool or warm toned. One way to discover this is to take a look at your veins. If your veins are blue, you are probably cool. If your veins appear green, you are warm toned. Cooler tones suit silver. Warm tones suit gold. Your undertones can completely change the game when it comes to hair color.
 If you’re a cool toned blonde, an ash blonde will look great on you. If you are warmer toned, golden blonde will really sync with your style.
What Do You Want To Emphasise?
Hair can help a whole lot. It can hide a multitude of sins. It can also draw others to specific features. A blunt cut fringe can draw attention to the eyes and shape of the face (and also conceal your forehead if you so wish). The right color can lend warmth to the complexion, brighten eyes and completely transform your features.
How Adventurous Are You?
A key thing to consider when opting for a new color is your own spirit of adventure. It can take a big personality to wear a certain color, particularly a bold red or a luminous green! Hair can say a lot about our character and it can also reveal a lot about the type of person we are.
You want your hair to make a positive impression. Are you happier with a more conventional color or do you crave something that symbolises your free spirit?

Speak To A Professional

Whenever you choose to change color, it’s essential to consult a professional. Box dyes might be cost effective and quick but the color consequences can be catastrophic. Many a person has ravaged otherwise ravishing hair with a poorly applied box dye. By consulting a professional, you can ask questions such as ‘what upkeep is required?’, ‘will this color damage my hair?’ or ‘do you think this color will suit my lifestyle?’ Thrashing out your options with a seasoned snipper is a great first stop before committing to color.
Baring all that in mind, we hope you find It easier to finalise the hair color process!