Celebrity Balayage

Gorgeous hair from Shu Uemura Art of Hair

Now that we've introduced you to the wonderful world of balayage, we thought we'd showcase a selection of celebrities who wear it well. Be warned! There are many! This flaunts just how versatile and bespoke the look truly is so believe us when we tell you, there is a look out there for you!

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba's balayage ombre is gorgeously flattering and this is a look that is so hard to achieve elsewhere. Often, with olive complexioned ladies such as Alba, blonde comes out brassy. The look here is warming to Alba's golden skin and dark eyes. Ombre is still popular but cultivating the style using balayage renders it less block-like and more graduated. The overall result is less severe. 

Miranda Kerr
Miranda has flaunted her balayage for a long time and what we love about it is that it is incredibly low key and effortlessly subtle and yet it's endurance and it's appeal is endless. Miranda still operates as a brunette but softens the look with strands of sun-kissed blonde that never overpower but simply add allure. For brunettes who don't want to jump ship to blonde and still very much want to work the darker side of life, balayage can add a slice of lighter style without betraying your roots.

Gisele Bundchen
Gisele is unmistakably blonde but the look is softer, subtler and far less brassy than other bottles blondes. Have you noticed that Gisele's blonde does not start at her roots? You can see that graduated balayage begins around her temples and spreads down throughout the rest of her hair. Gisele's style perfectly represents balayage; there is no block of color. The look is very natural. This way of wearing blonde looks like Gisele has just stepped off of the beach rather than out of the salon; her shade looks stolen from the sun!

Jessica Biel
We love this look on Jessica. Dark hair with just a few subtle shades of blonde balayage to add a point of interest. This is a timeless and classic look for Biel. Most of us wish we could change from blonde to brunette or vice versa but here you can be the best of both. This half and half look is worked beautifully so as not to overpower. Beware! Often this look can go very wrong! This is a style best achieved in the salon.

Kim Kardashian
It's unanimous that Kim looks better as a brunette but she tried her hand at blonde and when she did, she went balayage. The result is a low-key Barbie look that suits Kim's coloring. When eyes and skin are darker, it's very important to play with blonde strategically. Cooler tones that suit fairer skins can completely wash out darker shaded ladies so always opt for something warm and not too overwhelmingly blonde. This look is just within the boundaries of blonde that would suit Kim. She also went much lighter and the color was not becoming of her!

Rosie Huntington-Whitely
We mentioned on our previous blog that balayage can replicate the hair of our childhoods. Rosie embodies what we mean. Her roots are left dark (a relatively mousy brown) and the balayage begins at the temples (like Gisele's) and tapers down into tumbles of elegant butter blonde. In childhood, brilliant blonde tends to subtly grow out. When the sun bleaches hair, it tends to strike at the ends rather than at the scalp. Rosie manages to create a very natural look but make no mistake, she is not a natural blonde at this stage of life!

Megan Fox
Megan Fox, an iconic brunette, briefly played around with balayage. Her look is a few shades lighter and makes her look like she's had a happy summer holiday sojourn abroad. Megan shows us how the look can work on darker hair.

Isabel Lucas
Lucas looks fabulously doll like here with very dark roots and Barbie blonde bottoms. This style is daring and very extreme. Not every individual could work this kind of balayage but Lucas rocks it to a T. This style flaunts the versatility of balayage. You can push the look as far as you want or play it safe. There is a style to suit everyone.