Do You REALLY Need To Brush Your Hair?

Why You Need To Marcia Brady It Up + Brush Your Hair 100x Each Night

I never brush my hair. Or, I should say, I never used to brush my hair.

It always seemed like a dispensable step my super-streamlined beauty routine. In my world: the quicker the better and brushing my hair at all, let alone 100 strokes per night, seemed unnecessary at best and downright ludicrous at worst.

And I HATED seeing the hair in the brush: a graveyard of the longer, more voluminous hair I wished I had.

So, I skipped the brushing altogether. (Minus a fingers-though-my-hair-while-in-the-shower situation, just to detangle.)

That is, until I met Dani Faraj, Director at Brighton Salon.

Turns out, my fear of brushing my hair was sorely misplaced. And my strategy of adding oils to my dry ends was backwards, to say the least.

“There’s no conditioner like the one your body makes on its own,” Faraj explains. In retrospect, this is obvious. (Isn’t it always?!)

The key is to get the oils your scalp produces to the ends of your hair and the solution is (yup, you guessed it) brushing – and Faraj means really brushing – your hair. 100 times. With a Mason Pearson brush. From scalp to ends. Every night. Before bed. A la Marcia Brady.

“Do it every which way,” Faraj told me. “Flip your hair upside down. Brush it into a ponytail. Part your hair so you get to every part of your scalp.”

And so, I did.

For the last few weeks I’ve brushed. And brushed. And brushed. my hair every night before bed. And you know what, my ends do look healthier! And not just because Faraj gave me an epic trim (with GIANT scissors in practically a single snip!), although that he did.

Not into the Marcia Brady nightly hair brushing? Make an appointment with Dani Faraj at Brighton Salon in Beverly Hills and let him convince you himself! At the very least, you’ll walk out with healthier, happier hair!

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