How To Make The Most Of Long Hair

What’s the use in having long, luxurious hair if you don’t make the most of it? When we get stuck in a style rut, it’s very easy for our hair to pay the price. Perhaps you wear your hair in the same style day in day out or neglect your hair in favor of aesthetically pleasing makeup and outfits. Whatever your reason, it’s essential to make the most of your tumbling locks in order to boost your appeal. Here’s how:


Longer hair is more versatile, period. You can do more with it. There’s a limit to what you can do with short hair but with long hair, the options are endless. It’s all too easy for us to stick to safe styles especially if we are not confident with our hair. When you don’t know what suits you, what products to use or how to get going, styling your hair can feel like too much of a chore. We want to remind you that there are a multitude of options open and available to you. The first rule of thumb? Feel free to play! Keep a scrapbook of styles that you see in magazines, on posters or on people you see strolling the streets (with permission of course).

We always say that it’s good to have an idea of what you want your hair to convey. For example, do you want to appear playful? Sophisticated? Tousled? This will help you decide on a style to suit your purpose.

Have a go at YouTube hair tutorials, get a friend to try out something new…explore, experiment…get excited about your hair!

 Wave it up

A great way to enliven hair is to play with waves. Most of us wear our hair poker straight. It’s usually easier to flat iron hair than to try to make curls appear and yet for many of us, the texture of our hair is naturally wavy, kinky or curly. Working with this texture is incredibly fun. Something about curly hair creates a sense of being larger than life. There are many ways to create curls; you can use a curling iron, curlers or even mousse! We’ll be doing a tutorial about waves soon so keep an eye out.

Oh and the good news about curls? They really do soften and accentuate the face in an entirely new way. If you are bored with your look, this will re-vamp you instantly.

 Play with layers

Keeping hair all one length can leave you looking like a human mop. It’s not always flattering. You can lend a sense of adventure and pizazz to longer locks simply by adding layers. There are many ways to go about this so a consultation is vital.

A few light layers around the face can help draw out features which would typically be swamped by hair. Layers at the back can break up overtly thick or bushy hair. You might even want to go a step further and incorporate bangs.

Add color

Another great way to break up a solid block of hair is to add color. Color can add the illusion of thickness. You could add a color a few shades lighter than your own to go for a subtle sun kissed look. Along with layers, this looks good around the front of the face and helps brighten immediately. Color is also an instant way to change your look. It can change everything, even when done subtly, including the color of your eyes, the type of makeup you need to use and the color of your complexion. Just think about the difference between your favorite star as a blonde and as a brunette; they could be a different person.

Add accessories

Long hair can hold accessories better than short hair. There’s no end to what you can use. A few examples include hair glitter, hair jewels, bows, ribbons, tiaras, bandanas and clip ins. Accessories are fun and yet most people never use them in their hair! It’s not just little girls who can incorporate accessories…believe us when we say that there’s a whole wealth of fun to be found here.

Half up, half down

Long hair lends itself well to the up do and to dos that are half up half down. Up dos can be severe but with a few dangling strands, you can create some flattering, fun femininity. A slightly undone look is all the rage. We will be giving you a tutorial soon on how to achieve some popular looks.

 Beauty braids

Braids also had a connotation as being somewhat childish but fortunately this is changing. Braids lend drama and are utterly practical. They are also a very big way to make a statement, especially if this is a look that you don’t usually embrace, which most don’t. That’s the exact reason why you should make this bold declaration; would people expect it of you? Again, a braids tutorial is coming so if you aren’t sure what to do, don’t fret; we’ll be with you soon!