What Hair Length Is Right For You?

In life, we tend to think ‘the more the merrier’ and ‘the bigger the better.’ This also applies to our hair. BUT the length you opt for can actually be compromising your look, either by being too long or too short. So, how do you decide which length suits you best?

There’s not always a right or a wrong answer but here are a few ways to help yourself decide.

Do you have petite or more voluptuous features?

Be aware that petite features can be drowned out by overly long hair. A pixie cut can work well with your small, delicate features.

Likewise, shorter styles can make voluptuous features pop but longer locks tend to be more flattering.

How long does your hair grow naturally?

Without outside interference, does your hair easily grow to your waist? Does it take forever for your hair to touch your shoulders? Taking into account natural hair growth should be a factor. If your hair takes time to grow or gets lanky and thin easily, it might be better to embrace a shorter length, unless of course you want to go down the extensions route. If you have naturally thick, long hair then you can happily opt for a longer look.

Do you wear your hair up or down on a typical day?

If you prefer your hair up in buns or ponytails, then you may as well go for a chop (but only to a length where you can still easily grip it back from your face; shorter doesn’t necessarily mean out of the way!). If you are quite a practical, outdoorsy person, shorter hair may be more manageable for you.

If you prefer down dos then a mid to long length would give you more room to play in a way that shorter hair won't.

How do you define femininity?

For many, the definitive representation of femininity is long hair. We associate long hair with mermaids and princesses. If you prefer this classic perception of feminine beauty, then long hair is ideal. But if you like the rock and roll chick look then something shorter and edgier might be an entire new domain for you that feels more compatible with who you are. How you flaunt your femininity is vitally represented by the way you wear your hair and the length you opt for.

What condition is your hair in?

 If your hair tends to easily break or become straggly, then keeping it short will make it look thicker. If you are blessed with hair that weathers the storm, then you can make any length your look. Of course, extensions can solve the dilemma of bad hair BUT if you want to keep it natural then a cut may be just what you need.

Who are your hair idols?

A big key in knowing what look is for you is taking into account who you tend to hair envy. Do you always catch yourself looking around at girls with waist length blonde hair and salivating? Or do you wish you had the ingenuity and bravery to cut your hair super short? Of course, the looks we admire aren’t always the looks that suit us the best. Part of envy is wanting something that we can’t have, something that is perhaps unattainable for us in some way but it is always a good indicator of what you value in hair generally and might give you a push in a certain direction.

How often do you wash your hair?

Shorter hair is a breeze to wash. Longer hair can feel like a chore. If you like to wash your hair on a daily basis, then shorter hair may be preferable. If you can keep washes to a few times a week, then longer won’t be bothersome.

When do you get the most compliments?

A very good indicator of what hair style feels at home on you is the compliments you receive! We all know it! If you’ve cut your hair and had a real WOW response from people you know and trust, then it stands to reason that this may be the look for you. If, alternatively, you are met with looks of horror and disappointment, then it is highly possible that you have gone off-track. Of course, outside observers and third parties aren’t always right but it can be a useful gauge.

Finally, what FEELS right for you?

Perhaps you haven’t found it yet…
Perhaps you like many styles…

But when you find a look you love, you’ll know! You won’t know if you don’t play!