Beautiful Celebrity Extensions

Do you want us to let you in on a little secret? Extensions are everywhere. Whenever stars have to step out for a movie premiere, the red carpet or a press conference you can bet that their hair extensions are coming along for the ride.

The secret to sensational extensions is subtlety. It is this subtlety which makes them so difficult to spot. When extensions are used appropriately they add length, volume and thickness to hair that may be lacking in one or all of these departments and they are virtually undetectable! If a starlet is on screen, chances are at one point or another she has experimented with extensions.

With that in mind, we are about to showcase some of the best extensions in the biz to give you food for thought on your next visit to the salon.

Selena Gomez

Gomez’s thick head of hair is undoubtedly thanks to some kicking genes. Nonetheless the pint sized star has admitted to using extensions in order to play around with her look. Celebrities are often seen to switch effortlessly between long and short styles. The naïve and gullible among us may question how they are able to grow their hair so quickly after a cut but the more style savvy of us know that the magical quick fix is always extensions. If you fancy a bob one day and long lavish locks the next, then extensions are the only solution that enables you to mix and match looks dependent on your mood. Extensions offer a sense of freedom and versatility that natural tresses don’t always allow. Selena shows that even celebrities with naturally thick, voluminous hair opt for extensions when they require a change of style. Thanks to appropriate application, Selena’s extensions look subtle and blend perfectly with her own hair.

Paris Hilton

Do you remember socialite and heiress Paris? She was Kim Kardashian before Kim was on the scene. She’s also pretty much Barbie incarnate. Paris is another familiar face who enjoys her freedom when it comes to hair. She’s been pictured with numerous short styles including pixie crops and short bobs but she also rocks long Princess hair that passes her bust. Paris has even dabbled with her own line of celebrity extensions which has proved wildly successful. Many celebs keep their natural hair relatively short for practical purposes and bring out the extensions when heading for a party or event. In this way their day to day look is manageable and they bring out the big guns for special occasions only. Paris’s extensions always look flawless and thick which can be a telltale sign as natural hair tends to wear and tear more visibly. Nonetheless, Paris’s extensions have become her style statement and part of her brand and aesthetic allure.

Brooke Shields

80s starlet Brooke Shields was the complete package. Not only was she a movie megastar but she had an earthy, wholesome beauty that helped retain the public favor. Brooke’s quintessential look was as Emmeline in ‘The Blue Lagoon’ where she portrayed a shipwrecked teen who found love in paradise. Brooke was renowned for her teaming tresses in the film giving her a wild, animalistic look but many realize that Brooke’s natural hair fell far shorter and extensions were used to bolster the thickness and length of her locks. Brooke’s extensions looked seamless and worked well texturally with her own hair. Brooke is a great example of how extensions should suit your own natural hair rather than stick out like a sore thumb. Extensions don’t necessarily equal obvious. They can easily help you perfect a more natural look.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen’s signature look is the epitome of 90s cool; a dramatic red lip, perfect porcelain skin and brass blonde hair. Gwen’s look is the ideal representation of thrown together and carefully constructed all at once and part of that calculated construction involves hair extensions. That’s right, Gwen’s gorgeous head of hair is achieved with the use of thick extensions which when coordinated with her easy-breezy ska vibe creates a culmination of cali cool.


Beyonce likes to be very versatile with her hair and has run the gamut when it comes to styles and colors. We know her best as a brunette with streaks of blonde shot through and as is the case with many of her contemporaries, Beyonce is able to be so footloose and fancy free with her hair because she embraces extensions. Beyonce tends to wear her extensions long and dark and always appears glamorous. The big hair suits her big appeal.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has always made looking good look easy. Everything from her skin to her fashion has always been utterly flawless which is why even we were surprised to learn that Jlo’s bronde look is frequently achieved with the use of extensions. Extensions are a useful way to add color to hair without having to actually dye and damage it. JLo shows that being blessed sometimes has little to do with Mother Nature and more to do with an amazing hairdresser.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians are extension fiends. They are constantly changing their day to day looks and Kim is possibly the most prolific extensions representative. Kim’s extensions are typically long, thick and dark (she prefers longer locks) and are an exemplarary example of how extensions can bolster the healthful exterior of hair.

Lauren Conrad

How often do you come down with a serious case of hair envy? Daily? Weekly? Every minute? If you catch yourself looking at a woman half daydreaming because you long for her locks, remember, chances are it’s fake and if she can fake it, so can you. Lauren Conrad who found fame as a fashionista on LA staple ‘The Hills’ is known for her healthy blonde tresses but she spends more of her time in a salon rather than in the sun.

Miley Cyrus

Nowadays, Miley Cyrus is known for her short rocker do but back in her Disney Princess days she rocked far longer hair. Is it any surprise to you that she had a little help from her hairdresser? Most of the Disney stable have a little help with their hair. After all, looking like a perfect princess isn’t easy.

The main takeaway here is that extensions are an achievable look for all, not just the A list. Whether you are considering implementing extensions into your arsenal to achieve thickness, fullness, length or a pop of color, speak with your stylist for a consultation. There’s no easier way to transform yourself from just another somebody to a superstar.