Do you make a better blonde or brunette?

When taking the color plunge, no decision is more dramatic that deciding whether to transform yourself into a blonde or a brunette. Whilst blondes are cool, girly and supposedly have more fun, brunettes are mysterious, sultry and intriguing. Making such a crucial decision is never easy so here’s a little help.


One of the most important things to consider when it comes to hair color is how much time you have to devote to your hair. Perfect hair requires a lot of maintenance and colored hair even more so. Blonde hair requires a hell of a lot of devotion to keep it looking pretty and picturesque. You’ll need to commit to regular trips to your stylist to say goodbye to dark roots and invest in a regime that prevents your blonde from fading. Factor in time and cost and if you can commit to being blonde, then consider it. Otherwise darker hair is generally less of a hassle and requires far less upkeep.
If you fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, don't overlook ombre, sombre, balayage and highlights as enduring trends that lend you a sun kissed look without the necessary upkeep.


As discussed above, maintenance isn’t a magic word. We all like to think that beautiful hair just happens but having and keeping are a completely different ball game. Your stylist can work wonders in the chair but without your insistence on developing a hair friendly lifestyle, you won’t get far. Maintenance for all dyed hair involves purchasing shampoos and conditioners that protect color from fading (the key culprit when it comes to dowdy hair).

You’ll also need to protect your hair when you swim, particularly in chlorinated pools. Dyed hair is far more vulnerable to the elements than natural hair and you also will need to take precautions against heat and excessive styling. You’ll need to treat hair with protective, nourishing and deep conditioning masks at least once a week to seal in that color and minimize the risk of dryness.

Again, blonde hair dries out more easily than darker hair which is where that fried, straw like look comes from. If you want to be blonde, you’ll really need to work hard to keep it brilliant and beautiful before it becomes bland and boring. Dark hair still needs love too and investing in enriching shampoos, conditioners and treatment masks is vital.


Blondes and brunettes dress differently. Yes, it’s true. When a person dyes their hair, they often overhaul their style too. The two go hand in hand. Blondes like to adhere to the mantra, ‘blondes have more fun’ and they relish this free code of ethics that enables them to dress bohemian, floaty and embrace light pastels and fun colors.

There’s also the stereotype of the sultry, Marilyn Monroe blonde bombshell who shows up with a red lip, kohl lined eyes and a virginal white dress.

Brunettes tend to dress in darker colors; burgundy’s, emeralds and deep golds and browns. There’s a reason for this. Certain colors pop more against each color better than others. Blondes are brought out with reds, blues, greens and pinks whereas brunettes come alive with richer, deeper coloring. Of course there are no hard and fast rules about this and even if there were, rules are made to be broken, but it is worth considering how you dress and the colors you are partial to on a daily basis.


Another thing that changes when people dye their hair is makeup. Each person will look different with each hair color and makeup is reflective of these changes. Note how your eyes either look lighter or darker depending on your hair color. Makeup is a great way to play up these changes. You can make yourself feel like a completely different person. Blondes really do suit that bright red lip and also rose and pastel shades. Brunettes typically glow with dark brown and gold colors and a more matte lip. Blondes are more iridescent whilst brunettes have a hypnotic allure that draws you in. Are you prepared to re-vamp your makeup bag?


Marilyn Monroe or Ava Gardner?

Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian?

Margot Robbie or Megan Fox?

Pamela Anderson or Angelina Jolie?

Your answers will say a lot about you!

Hair idols really can reveal a lot about what we value in hair and may reflect decisions we wish to make about our own. If you are constantly hungering over a celebs hair, it may be worth biting the bullet and giving it a shot.

Hair Health

A key thing to consider prior to changing your hair is its health. Damaged hair will not respond kindly to dye. Not in the slightest. If your hair is already frazzled and battered, give it a fresh trim and re-evaluate. If your hair is lush and healthy, consult your hairdresser to find the best shade for you.


There’s a shade of blonde and a hue of brown for everyone, don’t get us wrong. Much like a red lip, there’s always a shade of blonde or darker hair that will work, but most people tend to suit one look more than another. For instance, Megan Fox would make an equally beautiful blonde but she stands out more as a brunette. Pamela Anderson would turn heads with darker locks, but she’s iconic as a blonde beach babe.

Things to consider are your eye color, skin color and natural hair hue. Mousy brown shades take well to blonde dye whereas darker hair has to withstand more damage in order to transform. Again, a qualified stylist can help you unpick all of these issues so that you can make the best choice.

Want to go blonde but unsure?

Opt for highlights a shade or two lighter than your own color. In this way, you can warm your hair up slowly and see how you respond to the color. If you want to go blonder this is a good way to wade in before making any dramatic changes. If you end up preferring a darker color, it’s easy enough to cover the highlights and embrace the dark side.

Want to go darker but unsure?

Consider the color of your eyebrows and eyelashes. Natural blondes tend to be very fair and darker hair can really jar with coloring elsewhere. Opt for dying your eyebrows a darker shade and wearing black mascara to make the look work. Start slowly. If you are very fair, it is essential to speak with a stylist to find a color that not only suits you but that you can come back from if you want to return to your blonde beginnings.