How to Make Gym Hair Work For You

The modern woman is a workaholic, both in the office and at the gym. Although the results are great for your body and mind, your hair can take a pounding just as your legs do on that treadmill!

Rocking that post workout hair is key if you want to stick to your regime! Whether your hair gets sweaty, stringy or greasy and grim after your workout, we have some solutions to get you in tip top shape again. Try some of this styles whilst you sweat.

Bold Braids
Braids have really made a comeback recently and they are a great pre-workout hairstyle. Braids are beneficial because they keep your hair back from your face whilst you exercise. Everyone knows that hair hanging in your face whilst you're on the bike can be an unwelcome and very sweaty distraction. After your workout, undo your plaits for instant waves or keep your braids in for a bold, boxer look.

Incorporate a Headband
Headbands aren't just for little girls. They also add polish to an adult look. A headband will also keep your hair off of your face which will prevent grease and sweat transferring to your skin where it can cause rashes or acne. Headbands also smooth back the hair and are very flattering. You won't have to constantly reassess your hair as tendrils fall into your face. They are also a little kitsch and ultra feminine.

Tousled Tresses
Chances are, once you leave the gym your hair will be wavier than usual thanks to sweat or hair ties. Why not embrace your hair texture as it is for a no-fuss look? You can use mousse or undone braids to emphasise the natural wave and kink of your hair and sweep them up into a high ponytail to keep your neck and shoulders hair free. Use a little hairspray to keep your look in place.

Dry Shampoo
If you frequent the gym a lot and don't have time to wash after each session, use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo soaks up a lot of grease and sweat and gives hair a matt finish. Using dry shampoo several days in a row can make sensitive scalps itchy and agitated so make sure that you do make time for a good shower session when you are next able.

The Boss Bun
The ultimate in practical chic, a bun is beautiful whether it's in the boardroom or at a boxing class. A secure bun can look either polished or scruffy but it keeps hair up and away from your face giving you more room to concentrate on your workout. Use clips and grips to secure stray strands.

Wash and Go
If you're rushing from the gym to dinner then you want something that's relatively quick, easy and low maintenance. Give hair a quick wash, sweep back a few tendrils with clips and allow it to air dry. Release the clips later for an instant mermaid wave to refresh your look.

What's your favorite post gym hairstyle?