“I Hate My Hair. What Should I Do?”

So you hate your hair. We aren’t talking about a simple case of hair fatigue or envy but pure, raw, unadulterated hatred. Where do you begin when everything about your locks is lacking? Perhaps a previous stylist left your hair in hell or you simply have lost your way in terms of a solid hair care regime. Don’t fret. Even the most hellish hair can be saved.

Book a Consultation

If you really, truly, deeply and madly hate your hair then it is essential to book an appointment with a stylist or hairdresser. It’s a good idea to bring a few notes that express how you feel about your hair in case you forget something in the moment. It can be useful for your stylist to know:

·        When you last had your hair professionally cut, dyed and styled (and at what salon)

·        Whether you have treated or dyed your hair at home

·        Lingering hair issues such as dryness, damage or scalp irritation

·        How often you typically go to a salon per year

Your stylist will be able to inspect your hair and in tandem with the information you provide, figure out a hair resolution. Consultations may seem nerve-wracking, particularly if you are embarrassed or self-conscious when it comes to your hair but our staff pride themselves on providing a friendly, engaging and professional service to help you feel at ease. It’s important to establish a sense of intimacy with a stylist so that you feel comfortable to discuss anything and everything.

Find Photos

One of the most helpful weapons in the arsenal of any hairstylist is knowledge about your hair and its previous forms. If your hair is presently unrecognizable from its usual self, then a photo is a very powerful item for your itinerary. The photo should showcase your natural hair; its length, texture and style. Although your hairdresser can gauge a lot from your hair in person, a photo can be a great representation of what used to be.

You might also want to bring a photo of your hair when it looked its best. This may be something that your stylist can help you to recreate and may also give you clues about what you’ve been doing right and wrong in the past.

Treat Your Hair

Give your hair a pampering, luxurious treatment. If the issue is dryness or damage, a hair treatment can help prior to your consultation. Your stylist will let you know if your style is salvageable. If your hair is truly damaged, the only solution is a good cut, but treatments and masks should regularly be incorporated into your regime. There are many off the shelf products you can use but you can also use an olive oil, egg or avocado mask to boost the quality of your hair naturally and with ingredients that you’d typically stock in your pantry.

Have a Plan

It is very important that you know what you want to move towards. Say for example you went blonde and you don’t like it. You might decide that you want to return to a darker color and eliminate any damage, dryness and split ends. If you don’t like your cut, your goals may be to grow out your hair and to use extensions. Your stylist can work with you to build up a strategy that is realistic, achievable and satisfactory.

The bottom line is, if you are hating your current hair, there is always something that can be done. Step in to the salon and let our stylists sort you out.