Megan Fox’s’ Hottest Hair

Megan Fox has been turning the heads of men and women alike since her cataclysmic Transformers beginnings. The epitome of a sultry brunette, the jungle eyed beauty certainly has a style staple and it’s worked for her for years.

We explore Megan’s achievable, glam and low maintenance look just in case you are intrigued by the possibilities of being brunette.


Megan stumbled into the spotlight with a devastating combo of dark hair and blue eyes when she made her debut in Transformers. Long and slightly tousled, the look was simple and easy to emulate. The key with such long, dark hair is maintenance. This isn’t a hard look to achieve but it is immensely important to pamper and care for hair. The great thing about this style is that it doesn’t require much heat. This is very much a slightly chicer version of bed hair perfect for the girl next door with bite.

Transformers 2

Cut ever so slightly shorter, for the continuation in the franchise Megan stuck to her guns with a slightly modernized version of her already popular look. Of course such a look was necessary for continuity purposes but it also shows that Megan knows what suits her and this classic style fits the bill.  
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Jonah Hex

Longer and rippled, Megan very much remains a brunette. With the use of extensions, her hair looks longer and more tousled. Waist length hair takes a lot of maintenance which is why the majority of people who opt for the look use extensions. For many it really is the only way to make this possible.
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Jennifer’s Body

Darker and with a center part, this look stands out boldly against Megan’s coloring. Next to her vanilla skin and bold blue eyes, the look is intense and memorable. Megan’s hair is always long and exclusively dark. The key here is to understand your signature. Megan is not a star to experiment but her appearance is her bread and butter. Her hairstyle is part of what makes her recognizable, especially in Hollywood where blondes tend to dominate the scene.
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Passion Play

For Passion Play, Megan debuts a shorter look. It’s still very long, but not so much as before. Tousles and waves give body, bounce and vibrancy to hair. They also inject an instant freshness and wildness which can un-do a more ‘done’ look.
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New Girl

Megan’s hair is still long but a lighter brunette shade. Here, she looks more chestnut with a few lighter slices spread throughout. The look is very natural and immensely warming and flattering. It doesn’t jive quite as starkly or exquisitely as the noir hair but it does make Megan seem more relatable and is still very much the continuation of a theme. Megan looks different but she hasn’t made a drastic departure from her staple style. She’s still very much recognizable as Megan.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Megan’s TMNT hair is shorter and dyed a dark red. She is playing famed reporter April O’Neil after all! Other than softening her color with hints of blonde ombre, this is the biggest color change that Megan has made. Megan almost exclusively sticks with cooler tones which pop with her coloring. Now and again she does warm it up but she definitely suits darker hues.

So if you want to imitate Megan’s looks remember:

·        Darker shades in cooler tones are a must

·        Keep hair long with subtle layers

·        Hair maintenance is a must. Have regular trims, deep condition and apply masks

·        Wear your hair down more often that you do up

·        If tempted to go warmer, add subtle highlights. Do not lighten up too much

·        Consult your stylist for a shade match to pick a color that suits you personally