Stars under the spotlight: Jennifer Aniston

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This is the first star to be put under the spotlight! As one of Hollywood’s most famous Jennifer’s, Aniston shot to fame as Rachel in ‘Friends.’ Her most famous do, aptly named ‘The Rachel’ is ironically the bane of her existence.

Jennifer arguably has the most perfect Hollyhood hair. A California girl, Jennifer has locked down that cool Cali look with beachy tousles and sleek blonde locks that have withstood the damage of sun, sand and sea (and stress).

Here, we look back at Jennifer’s hair highs and lows.

When Jen emerged on the set of ‘Friends’ as a fresh faced young woman, her signature look was ‘The Rachel’ and provoked many a copy cat cut.A layered, wavy, choppy, shorter look, shot through with a few subtle shades of blonder became Aniston’s most recognised look. Cut to the shoulder and swept to the right, this fresh look promised fun and frivolity.

Fashionista Jen famously wears her hair done but for the Picture Perfect premiere, the star swept her hair into a glamorous updo leaving a few strands loose to scrape the sides of her face. This look emphasised her deep blue eyes and chiselled appearance.

Jen’s neat as a pin look was thwarted when she embraced wild, tousled hair at the Emmy awards. Although Jen embraced her adventurous side, she was apparently not overly pleased with the results and has not revisited this style since. Nonetheless, we think it loosens up her look a little and is compatible with cool Cali style.

In the year 2000, Jen went against the grain and cut her hair into a bob which actually complimented her beautifully. Jen has always had a graceful, sleek appearance and the shorter cut really worked to accentuate this. This do works well whether tousled into beachy waves or worn poker straight and Jen has demonstrated both looks impeccably.

In 2002, Jen had decided to grow out her shorter look and the result was healthier, most lustrous locks. She still wore her hair swept to the right and kissed through with sun streaks but the longer look was back to reign.

In 2003, Jen went even blonder. She’s often flirted with the very verge of blonde without going full blonde. The best way to describe Jen’s colour would be ‘bronde’ but here she finally crossed the line and embraced the ‘blondes have more fun’ philosophy. The look synced well with Jen’s coloring and definitely gave credence to the beach blonde babe look.


In 2004, Jen went back to brown big time but still added a few slinky shots of summer to her hair with some slices of lemon blonde. The overall look was far more grown up and mature but still very much the continuation of a theme that has suited Jen since her initiation into Hollywood.

Jen went back to sleek and straight styles in 2007. Although we personally prefer her hair with a touch more oomph and bounce, straight hair remains a style staple.

At the Oscars to celebrate her foray into film with ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ Jen went bold with a braid. Braids add a little kitsch to any look and also provide a point of interest.


At the Golden Globes Jen stepped out with honey highlighted hair, a warmer shade than she’s previously adopted.


In 2014, Aniston went dark and shorter again. The darker hair really enables her periwinkle eyes to pop and also lends sophistication.

Jen draped her hair back with a few hanging side pieces at the Zoolander 2 premiere in 2016 and she’s back to that exquisite blonde shade that we know and love her for.

So what does Jen teach us about heavenly hair and how can you get the look?


1.      Know what suits you. Jen may have played about with her look but she’s never gone too far off of the grid. She experiments with blonde and brunette shades and intertwines them to create different combinations of bronde.

2.      Do break the mould. Yes it’s good to have a classic style and to know what looks work for you but don’t be afraid to be adventurous from time to time, even if within limits.

3.      Match your makeup and wardrobe to your look. Jen tends to stick with gold, silver, black and white, classic colors that really bolster her do.


How to achieve the look?

·        Ask your stylist to add slithers of blonde to darker hair. You can warm up the look slowly and go blonder if you wish. Start slow and go a few shades lighter to see how your hair takes to the colour and what suits.

·        Keep hair long and layered with long enough tendrils to frame the face.

·        Invest in a curling wand so that you can recreate naughty beach waves.

·        Use straighteners to bring out the different dimensions in your blonde or blow dry straight to inflict less damage.

·        Use a serum to boost your shine.