How to Work Big Brows

Big, bold, beautiful brows have been in vogue for a while. First popularised by Brooke Shields, the modern day equivalent of the bushy brow poster child is Cara Delevigne. Now girls and women alike are clamouring left, right and center for beguiling brows. Just as enlarged eyebrows can be evocative of youth and a more daring form of femininity, getting it wrong can be bad…very, very bad. Here’s how to create the look and make it work for you.

Eyebrow Faux Pas

Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge common eyebrow faux pas that many of us commit. As teens, many of us prefer the pencil thin brow and end up plucking our eyebrows into oblivion. Common concerns are plucking the front and end of the brow to create a brow that looks more like a limping caterpillar than a thing of beauty. Other popular mistakes are plucking too much from either the top or bottom of the brow eliminating much of the natural thickness and shape your brows were blessed with. Over plucking, that is plucking consistently for a long period of time, can lead to patchy, sparse, bare brows and often brow hair refuses to grow back.

As we commit many of these errors in youth, it can take a while to rectify the damage in adulthood. It typically takes six months for eyebrows to grow back. If you would like to give your eyebrows a chance to undo the damage, commit yourself to the long haul and don’t touch your brows for half a year. Once they grow back, work with a professional to sculpt a shape that works with your natural look.

If your eyebrows refuse to grow back, as is often the case, then there are other routes to consider.

Makeup Magic

Fortunately, makeup has come along in leaps and bounds and is a great way to recreate brows that have taken a beating. Makeup is not a permanent solution but it is ideal for those who do not wish to commit to a more enduring resolution.

You do not need to be a makeup guru to make this work.

Firstly, it’s essential to have a point of reference. If you are a makeup novice, it’s best to speak with a professional to help you figure out what to do. They can introduce you to the correct products to create the look and also advise you regarding coloring. You can then recreate the look at home as and when you need to. For some, this is a daily occurrence whereas for others, it’s useful for special occasions only.

To style your brows you will need the following tools:

·        Eyebrow pencil

·        Eyebrow powder

·        Eyebrow brush

To begin with, you’ll need to figure out where your eyebrow starts. In order to do so, arch your makeup brush to gauge the natural length of your brow. The eyebrow typically starts just after the eye and ends in a diagonal line to the corner of your eye.

Use an eyebrow pencil to dot out the shape you wish your eyebrow to take. Then use the pencil to mimic natural hairs in small strokes. Use powder to blend the pencil. Use your eyebrow brush to soften the overall effect. Blot out any excess color with tissue. You can then emphasise your brows with eyeshadow, powder or concealing. Use a fixing product to keep your brows in place. Make sure that the pencil and powder you use are in a color that suits your natural coloring. If you go wrong, it’s easy to wipe the brows away with baby wipes. Be gentle, as the eyes are notoriously delicate and pulling and tugging can generate wrinkles.

Eyebrow Tattoos

A longer term solution to sculpting the perfect brow is to get your eyebrows tattooed although you can also opt for semi-permanent tattooing. Find out how our writer got on after having her brows shaped by Nicoleta Barbarasa.

Why are eyebrows important?

When we are young, we seem to want to annihilate our brows. As we age, we long to make them fuller.

Eyebrows work as a frame for the face. They literally draw attention to the way that our features come together. Overly big brows can dominate and overtake the face. Small, sparse brows can give the impression that our features are unimpressive and make us look washed out. Eyebrows come in an assortment of shapes and the arch falls differently for each person.

Eyebrows are as unique as fingerprints. What suits one person won’t suit the next. Getting your eyebrows right helps to emphasise the eyes, face shape and glorifies femininity, youth and personality.