The Guide to Killer Lips

A perfect pout is one of a woman’s most highly heralded features. It signals kissability, womanliness and let’s face it, oomph!

A made up lip should look effortless but evoke strong emotion. Here’s our guide to the super smile.

Have a go to color

For daily use, a go to color that mirrors your natural coloring is a good idea. Your shade could be a glossier version of your own lip color or a few shades deeper, lighter or brighter. A neutral shade works well in meetings, on lunches out and for dinner dates. It flatters what you’ve got and stands out just the right amount without being ostentatious. Pop a lippy in your bag and bring it out as and when you need to dazzle.

Invest in colors that pop

When you’re off out ready to paint the town red, you want colors that truly pop. Red always looks classic and vampy, purple is mysterious and regal, bright pink carries bubble-gum freshness and adolescent arrogance, orange is tropical and fresh, brown is a slick of chocolate and plum is very much on trend right now.

Colors that pop might clash or jar with your coloring but in a workable way. There’s a shade of every color to suit all so get in store and have a play around.

Don’t lay off the lip liner

Lip liner really helps carry the color. Trace your natural lip line with a colour approximately two shades darker than your lipstick. Then fill in your entire mouth with the liner color. Add your lipstick on top. The liner will help your color last and stay far longer.

Go for gloss

Add a slick of gloss after your liner and lipstick for a premium pout. The shine of gloss creates a sensual sheen that will draw even more attention to your lips.

Be sure to blot

Once you’ve applied your new smile, be sure to blot by applying a tissue between your lips and pushing your lips down. This will drain any excess color and give a more natural and final finish.

Check your teeth

Lipstick stained teeth are a sure way to destroy all of your hard work. Have a compact mirror to hand to give your teeth a quick check before you go.

Develop a bond with balm

Dry lips cause lipstick to flake off like paint. Keep your lips refreshed and moisturised with lip balm. Buff lips occasionally with salt or sugar granules to keep them naturally soft. Honey and coconut oil are great natural ingredients that keep lips silky smooth. You can also use a toothbrush to keep your lifts soft.

Don’t go too far…

Although we believe rules are made to be broken, there are certain golden rules that one should heed. When it comes to makeup, play up either your eyes or mouth, but rarely, if ever, both.

The look can come across as too strong and almost comical. If you opt for a bold lip, then downplay your eyes. If you want a dramatic smoky eye, then keep your signature lip matte.

Don’t share!

We know that it’s hard to imagine behind those golden smiles, but mouths are teaming with germs and are a hotbed for contamination. They can also spread cold sores. Make sure that you don’t share makeup with others. Always invest in your own.