What makes ‘to die for’ hair?

What’s the different between hair and H-A-I-R?

What’s the difference between bland and beautiful? Grimy and gorgeous? Leave it out and look again?

When it comes to hair, there are certain qualities that are vital if you want to cultivate tresses that turn heads. This is our check list:


Every woman has a different ideal length. Some prefer tumbling mermaid ringlets and others a shorter do. When your hair is at your desired length, you feel attractive, confident and also bestowed with a great sense of achievement. It takes effort to grow hair and also to maintain it which is why all sorts of emotions can be embroiled in our locks. It is why we feel sentimental when too much gets cut off. Hair is full of positive feelings and thoughts.

How to make it work: Resolve to grow (or cut) your hair to your ideal length. If you are growing out your hair, maintain with regular trims. Short hair also requires maintenance (more than you might think). Never stop caring for hair. Remember the longest hair can have a decade or more of growth involved so the further down your hair you go, the more care you should take.


A large component of what makes hair look great rather than good is genetics. Some are lucky and born with flawless hair. You can’t steal what Mother Nature has made but it is possible to replicate it. If you naturally blessed with glorious tresses, ensure that you maintain your look. If not, you can fake it til you make it with the use of expertly applied extensions.

How to make it work: Deep condition your hair once a week. Use serums to lock in shine and softness. Eat a balanced nutritious diet full of plenty of oily fish, fruits, vegetables, lean meat and grains. Take a multivitamin. Invest in extensions to bolster the length and thickness of your hair.


The volume of your hair can divulge a lot of character and personality. There are many hair types that are capable of great volume that are overshadowed by frizz and fluff. Cultivating volume doesn’t always come effortlessly. A good blowout, mousse and gel can help. Volume is a sure fire way to make hair fabulous.

How to make it work: Teach yourself the art of a good blowout and capitalise in a good gel and mousse to help fight frizz and boost body.


Thick hair is a hard thing to fake. Some complain that their hair is too thick but it is thickness that helps make hair truly lush. Thickness signals youth, vitality and strength. Thick hair is resilient. It can withstand more damage and styling and looks good in endless styles.

How to make it work: Extensions can add thickness to limp hair. Thickness works well with short, long, curly or straight hair so embrace it.


The vitality and general health of your hair has many contributing factors. It’s important to eat, drink and rest well. It’s also essential to incorporate a regime that helps to keep your hair healthy. Deep conditioning treatments work well. You can use coconut oil in your hair, put it up, leave it for 30 minutes plus and wash it out for added silky softness. Minimising stress in your life is also vital as stress can really do a number on your hair.

How to make it work: Strive to develop at least one new healthy hair habit. It might be drinking more water, eating oilier fish or straightening your hair less often.


Hair style is something that all of us can manipulate. Most of us tend to stick to tried and tested styles. Straight hair or a ponytail can be our go to looks. Finding styles that suit is really about getting creative, imaginative and experimental. Don’t be afraid to go for something new and different.

How to make it work: Cut out photos from magazines, ask the woman you saw on the way to the gym whose hair you loved what she does with it and get playing with your own hair. Instagram and YouTube are great sources of inspiration. Check out our Insta for new styles.


Along with style, color is easy to influence. Color can really pep up a tired look. The right color can make eyes and skin tone pop and even revolutionise your makeup and wardrobe choices.

How to make it work: Get a new color, even one close to your own but freshened up. You’ll immediately feel on top of the world.


Even the best hair in the world doesn’t mean much if it isn’t seen. What adds the cherry on the cake to any look is the wearer. Be confident, playful, brave and go out and enjoy the world.