Scared to go short?

Even in the 21st century, cutting your hair short is seen as a bold move. When a woman cuts her hair, people are quick to proclaim, ‘she’s so brave!’


If you’re tempted to cut your tresses, we’re here to unravel many of the misconceptions about shorter locks.


Short hair is masculine


One of the most irritating myths peddled on the market is that short hair makes a woman look masculine.


Complete hogwash!


Does longer hair make a man look feminine? It actually can have the effect of making him look even more manly!


A woman’s femininity is very much a construct that can be manipulated and enforced in multiple ways from clothing, makeup, accessories and yes, hair. But shorter hair can actually accentuate a woman’s femininity by drawing attention to her facial features and emphasising the nape of the neck and the shoulders (two areas that are particularly feminine).


There are such a vast array of short styles that if you are concerned with shedding any sense of femininity, all you need to do is opt for a short style that still has a little length to play with. Never be concerned that short hair will eradicate any sense of womanhood.


I have to cut my hair short as I grow older


Another myth to debunk.


You might have heard all about this one.


Longer locks are often linked innately with children and teenagers. As such, we associate longer hair with youth and fertility.


As a woman grows older, many women feel that they need to cut their hair short.


This is in part a practicality. If you are running around after children, working a long job and busy, shorter hair can be easier and less fuss.


Does this mean that you need to cut your hair? No.


Never feel pressurised to let hair define you at any age.


There are many styles that are longer and layered that are easy to ‘wear and go’ and you won’t need to cut your hair shorter unless you want to.


Short hair is boring/less versatile


Long hair is famous for the endless styles we can build with it but yet ironically, many women with long hair don’t play with their locks. Down and straight, a pony tail or a bun are about as adventurous as most women get.


Short hair is actually very adaptable and there is a lot that you can do with it. A rock chick vibe, a punky look, a splash of goth, girly, fluffed up, slick and straight…there are still so many options, and when you add accessories and dye to the mix, things get even more exciting.


Short hair is an adjustment but you will find new ways to play with your style.


Men don’t like short hair


Much like the myriad of memes that claim ‘real men only link [insert arbitrary physical trait here]’  there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to what men like nor what women should be.


Of course, there are certain traits that are generally deemed universally attractive and long hair is one of them. But women with shorter hair have been successful in the game of love since the dawn of time, and will continue to be.


Many men actually have a preference for shorter locks.


Besides, you shouldn’t be getting your haircut to please a man but more because it is something that you genuinely want to do…FOR YOU.


Short hair isn’t beautiful


Halle Berry, Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Carey Mulligan and Lily Collins are all proof that this is simply not true.


Short hair is unconventional, edgy and utterly unique and always attracts a reaction.


The trick is to select a style that suits your face, features and lifestyle. This can only boost your beauty.


Common reasons women choose a shorter style


-        Practicality

-        Shedding a life changing event such as the breakdown of a relationship or a period of depression

-        Cutting away damaged/dyed hair

-        Feeling more comfortable in hotter climates

-        Feeling like a change/experiment

-        Shedding the ‘safety blanket’ hair of childhood