The Best Hair of Britney Spears

Famously crowned the ‘princess of Pop’, Britney Spears has recently enjoyed a much deserved regeneration in the public eye. The Louisiana native is known for her breathy vocals, catchy pop tunes and Southern Belle charm.

Part of the pop Princess package is the look and Britney has charisma in spades.

Here we explore some of Britney’s best hairstyles to get a feel for what she does right.

Hit Me Baby

Britney is perhaps most infamous for her controversial pigtails in the video for her debut single ‘Hit Me.’ Her brunette locks, shot through with blonde, a heavy fringe and tight pigtails is a low maintenance look that still does the rounds at fancy dress parties all over the world. This look might not work for everyone but Britney would look good in a bin liner. It also inspires us all to find our signature style.


Brunette debuts a striking hair piece, predominantly dark with flashes of blonde. This ‘blondette’ style suits Britney’s sultry coloring and helps her brown eyes to pop fiercely against the contrast. Slicked back from her face, this look is always youthful and creates an instant face lift. 


‘Slave’ debuted a more grown up and exotic version of Britney. With her bright blonde tousled hair, the pop strumpet was emerging as a siren as well as a songstress. Britney’s coloring (dark eyes and light tan) actually gives itself well to this shade of blonde lending a sultriness to the look. Bold blonde is still ever popular although many prefer cooler tones as presented by Margot Robbie. This style and shade is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Do Somethin’

Still blonde and with a chunky fringe, this shade of blonde is fresh and fun. The whole look is very California girl and great for a night out. Any look that creates contrast can be very effective which is why Britney’s dark eyes mesh so well with the blonde hair. For another interesting example of contrast look at Megan Fox whose dark hair emphasises her blue eyes.

Gimme More

After evading the music scene for some time, Britney returned with dark brown hair and a cheeky new video. Closer to her natural roots, this look was a departure for Britney. Although we prefer Britney as a blonde or blondette, this look still suited her.

Make Me

Britney is back to blonde with a strong look. Although we prefer Britney’s blonde slightly toned down and cooler shades are more in vogue right now (think Margot Robbie), Britney sticks with a very empowering blonde. Left wild and tousled, this look is perfect for shaking around on stage.

To get Britney’s hair:

-        Experiment with bold blondes. This look requires bravery.

-        Visit a salon. This kind of blonde cannot be created at home.

-        Use extensions. Many of Brit’s signature looks are evoked using extensions.

-        Deep condition. To keep blonde looking tip top, it’s essential to deep condition your hair at least twice a week.

-        Show commitment. If you have darker roots, you will need regular upkeep.

-        Favour a fringe. Britney has often utilised a fringe in her looks. Get an expert salon cut.

-        If the brassy blonde is too overpowering for you, go with darker colors with slices of sun kissed blonde to mirror Britney’s earlier look. You can then transition deeper into blonde if you decide to.