The Easy Way to Go Blonde

Does going ‘all the way’ as a blonde seem like too much money and too much upkeep? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to be a blonde without committing yourself entirely a la Marilyn Monroe. If you want to lighten up but not bind yourself to the bottle, here are a few tips and tricks to get a beautiful blonde that works for you.


Balayage is a French term meaning ‘to paint.’ It’s a great way to lighten locks that gives a more natural effect. A hairstylist can paint through the locks with your chosen shade of blonde to create a sun kissed look that could have been achieved by the sun and sea. This look is popular because it is so natural and so low key. It also lightens up as you enjoy the sun and surf.


The penchant for lightening the lower half of your locks and graduating back up to the top is a great way to enjoy blonde without fully becoming one. The biggest issue that many take with being blonde is the constant upkeep. With ombre, only the ends of your hair (and possibly the mid-section) are actually blonde. Once the look grows up excessively, your hairdresser can blend your natural color and the ombre together. This is still a very popular look.


Sombre is exactly like ombre but softer, subtler. Ombre can seem a little bold and brash to some. If you feel similarly, sombre is a great way to create a gentler version. This is so effective because dark roots don’t look so harsh and jarring against the ombre ends. This is another great low key blonde look that is popular with many celebrities from Lily James to Olivia Wilde. It’s a great option for brunettes who want to flirt with the concept of blonde without going the whole way. It’s also a good way to see how blonde suits you in case you end up wanting to go blonder in future. Many ombre girls and guys end up graduating to a sombre style.


For a sun kissed, post-holiday look, highlights work well. You can add as few or as many as you’d like and they tend to add dimension and charisma to hair. Highlights to require some upkeep but you can add them lower through the hair to add chunks or slices of light without the need to touch up your roots. Natural highlights tend to fall haphazardly and hairdressers can replicate this for a natural look.


If you don’t want to opt for a dye job, blonde extensions are a great way to explore what the world of blonde has to offer. Our hairdressers can add extensions to suit your complexion and help you create your own bold blonde character. The great thing with extensions, although they do require upkeep, is that they are not a permanent commitment and they do not alter the color or condition of your natural hair meaning that you can be a temporary blonde and return to your former color in next to no time.