When Blonde Goes Wrong

There’s no doubt about it, blonde is the color of bombshells but when blonde goes wrong, the consequences can be dire. Here are some of the most common faus pas people make when they decide to go blonde and what you can do about it.

·        Going too light

Getting beautiful blonde hair is not as simple as putting on some dye and waiting for the result. You have to wait for the color to develop. How long the color takes to develop depends on your natural coloring and your hairs own ‘personality’ if you will. The lighter your hair, the easier it is to segue into lighter shades of blonde. The darker your hair, the more difficult the process. Mousy brown hair is the perfect color upon which to add blonde dye, especially as most mousy brunettes began life as blondes. If your hair is naturally very dark, it is ESSENTIAL that you do not dye your hair at home. Most box dyes are rather unfathomable to a lay person unless you have a background in hairdressing. You might not know how much bleach is in your product and many people leave the product in for too long which lightens hair to a point that may be undesired. It’s also important to note that hair continues to lighten after it’s been dyed, especially if you are exposing it to the sun and sea. The outcome you get may not be what you really want. 

The solution? Always go to a salon, especially if you are a brunette. It is just too easy for blonde to go wrong and not always as easy to fix as you might think! If you must dye hair at home, follow the instructions to the letter. Do not leave the dye on for longer than advised. After your color, avoid sea and chlorine until your color has the chance to settle.

·        Dry hair

Lightening hair is drying especially if you use a strong product or leave it in for too long. It’s also easy for hair that is not cared for well to become dry. You really need to commit to deep conditioning hair and using a regime that is especially made for blonde hair. Blonde hair needs a lot of TLC and commitment – this is a color, alongside red, that really needs to be maintained. If your hair is dry, invest in products just for blondes and get to deep conditioning. Olive oil and coconut oil are great natural ingredients that help enliven hair. Avoid too much heat styling and remember that hair that has been artificially lightened is less vigilant to damage. The color has literally been stripped from the hair. Your new blonde hair needs to be treated with kid gloves. If damage is excessive and hair is fried, chop off locks that are long for this world and work a shorter style. Opelex hair lightening systems are less invasive and can be performed in salon. If your hair feels dry beyond repair, come to the salon and speak with one of our stylists.

·        Damaged hair

Another nasty side effect of a botched dye job is damaged hair. Bleach can be really frying. This tends to happen when someone dyes their hair lighter than they should have or with a bleach that was too harsh. The blonde color has to lift and this can be done slowly to gradually produce color. A strong bleach can be a case of ‘too much too soon’ and hair can find it hard to recover. With damaged hair, there is no magic bullets that can reverse the effects. Prevention really is better than any cure. Although deep conditioning can temporarily soften hair and limit further damage, it is pretty much impossible to rescue hair that is too far gone. If your hair is at this stage, then it may be necessary to opt for a cut to chop off excess damage and to then develop a caring programme that will nourish your style.

·        The wrong color

The color on the box isn’t typically the color we get. Shades of blonde come out differently on different people depending on the quality, condition and color of their natural hair and the quality of the product used. Remember that box covers have often been photoshopped and digitally altered to appear richer or more vivid. A stylist with experience will know how to gauge the best way to get the desired result for your hair. If you have come out with a color that is too dark, too light or just completely wrong, book a trip to the salon immediately to plan next steps. Continuing to dye hair may just exaccebate the negative result and cause more damaged to already stressed hair.

The final word

We would always recommend that any color job, particularly the transition from one hair color to another, is performed in salon under the watchful eye of a seasoned stylist. However if you are adamant about doing the job at home:

·        Get a friend or trusted companion (preferentially one with experience in hair) to oversee you

·        Follow the instructions to a T. Do not leave color on for longer than recommended