Beauty Overhaul


Large, childlike eyes are instantly attractive. Hooded ‘sly’ eyes are exotic. The key with eyes is to open them up as much as possible. Use mascara to lengthen your lashes or apply lash extensions for added gravitas. Add eye liner to open the eye further. Black, though dramatic, can actually shrink the eye. Smokey brows and greys are more effective at creating openness. Shadow can be used to play out dramatically around the eye. A sweep of eye liner on the bottom lid can close the eye whereas winged liner on the top opens the eye up. Use colors that enhance your eye color. Always wash off your eye makeup and apply an under eye moisturiser with your baby finger (the finger which exerts the least pressure).


The mouth is so evocative and sensual. Use a lip liner to trace the outline of your lips. Fill it in with a lipstick of a similar color. Apply a light sheen of lip gloss to complete the look. Avoid garish colors that don’t suit your complexion. Remember the golden rule: play up eyes or lips but never both (unless the occasion calls for it).


The coquettish blush of youth is very attractive. Add a subtle stain of blush to lend cheeks heat and warmth. Sweep upwards or dab on the apples of the cheeks. Use a natural, subtle color. Excess blush can look garish (read clownish).


When it comes to skin, clear is key. Incorporating a proper skin care regime is vital. Wash your face twice daily, remove makeup whenever you go to the gym (the sweat will trap itself under your makeup and cause breakouts). Where a foundation that matches your shade (the wrong shade will age you). Blemishes, spots and acne can all be accounted for with the right products. Moisturiser is vital! Get to know your skin type. Work WITH your skins texture, age and color, not against it. Eat and drink well and give skin plenty of time to breathe. If you are prone to spots, get to the bottom of what triggers flares up with a dermatologist. Hormones, food or product allergies are usually the culprits.


Above all else, hair should be healthy. Keep your hair in optimum condition with regular visits to the salon and by adhering to a home care regime for your hair type and needs. Remember that your hair is representative of your personality and lifestyle so feel free to experiment, play and have fun.