Get over your ex hair

We’ve all heard the saying.

Sometimes you just have to wash your ex right out of your hair!

So if you’ve just been spurned by Cupid or if his arrow has ruptured your heart rather than wooed it, then have a read because we have just the tonic for you.

Changing your hair after a breakup can be very therapeutic.

Here are the do’s and don’ts:

·        Don’t be too drastic

A forlorn heart can make you do crazy things. If you’ve always wanted that buzz cut and you only know have the guts, DO IT, but if you are doing it to spite an ex who never liked your hair shorter than waist length, RESIST. Make sure that your decision sits right with you and that your ex isn’t the front and centre of your decision. Otherwise you will be stuck with a cut which relates to and reminds you of your ex.


·        Go for hair gold

What have you always wanted to do with your hair that your previous relationship hindered you from doing? Common changes are a new color, a shorter cut or to grow hair out, but the number 1 is definitely a dramatic cut. Many women want to feel like a ‘new woman’ but it might be that you feel like you are returning to who you really are. Dream big, collect photos and speak to a stylist. Breakup hair is common on our list so we will do our best for you.


·        Just be pampered

Sometimes women don’t want a complete overhaul. They just want to be pampered and to relax and to leave with really awesome hair. They still want to feel like themselves. If that’s the case, book a trim, wash, blow-dry and style. If you usually straighten your hair, go for curls and if you are typically a curly-wurly, let us get our hair straighteners on you. Such a session can be great for self-rejuvenation and to remind your ex what they are missing!


·        Invest in good hair

When a relationship ends, it can be traumatic. Invest some of that energy into the future of your hair. If your hair is short, limp, dry or damaged, extensions can add a real wow factor to any look. They can transform your appearance, boost your confidence and even improve your chances of securing a new beau!



-        Don’t make the decision about your ex

-        Do let your hair dreams come true

-        Let yourself be pampered if you want to feel like your best you

-        Invest in your hair future