Halloween Hair

With Halloween just around the corner, a great many parties are lurking on the horizon. If the urge to dress up is upon you, then it is essential to ensure that your hair is Halloween ready. There are endless options when it comes to Halloween hair, whether you want to look sexy or spooky!

Scary witch

A Halloween staple, the key here is texture. Add extensions and wash out hair chalks to create color and dimension. You’ll want hair to be big! Add green and red extensions and finish off with a big floppy hat!


More sultry than spooky, opting to dress as a mermaid is the ultimate in feminine chic. Locks should be wavy or lightly tousled. An effortless look involves wetting the hair, adding mouse and blow-drying whilst tousling hair by hand. You can also use your straightener, curling iron or curlers. Add hair spray to keep the look lasting longer. The longer and thicker your hair, the greater chance that the curls will be weighted down so this may require some upkeep.


Similar to the witch but a little more glam, the sorceress look involves a long, thick pony. Add extensions to create a lot more volume and keep hair sleek and straight. This is a relatively simple look to polish off so if you are in doubt this Halloween, this is a good option to evoke.

Medieval Magic

If you are going for a ‘blast from the past’ style, you’ll want to go for wild woman waves. Medieval woman also typically wore their hair in braids which are also all the rage right now!

Serial Killer

If you want to dress as a wicked killer, you’ll want wild, whacky hair. Experiment with temporary color to add a new dimension of fear to your look. A splash or streak of grey through hair can evoke Frankenstein.


The vampire look is elegant and sophisticated. Add some heat protection spray to your hair, straighten and add a mirror shine gloss to polish off the look. Wear hair long, parted and sleekly stylish. You’ll want your hair to be in good condition to successfully complete this look so make sure that you book in for a trim beforehand.

Other options:

Sexy skeleton

Crazy cat



If you need help to create your look, pop into the salon and we get your hair Halloween ready!