Part 2 of Better Blonde or Brunette

Celebs like to change things up, whether it’s for a role or a bit of variety. Here we explore a few more celeb styles to see who looks better as a blonde and who is beautiful as a brunette.

Emilia Clarke

Cool toned Emilia is one of those lucky ladies who looks perfect whether blonde or brunette. As Daenerys in ‘Game of Thrones’, she dons a long, luminous blonde wig that would wash out most complexions but lends Emilia a dignified, doe-eyed innocence and vulnerability; integral qualities to the character.

In her personal life, Emilia is a brunette which deepens her blue eyes. Although she looks great both ways, we absolutely adore Emilia as a blonde (perhaps because we find it so hard to separate her from her GOT character).

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was one of the 90s girls who bounced out onto the scene as a bombshell blonde. The contrast against her tan skin and brown eyes made her very Britney-esque. Jessica also played up to the dumb blonde stereotype in a similar vein to Marilyn Monroe and Paris Hilton. Although she is memorable as a blonde, Jessica became vampy and utterly striking as a brunette. We think she should stick with this look.

Christina Aguilera

Christina has forged a strong blonde identity but she’s also experimented with darker hair in an attempt to connect with her Latin roots (Aguilera’s father is Ecuadorian). We personally prefer Christina as a blonde (the kind of blonde that she was during her Genie in a Bottle days). The butter blonde was more flattering than the brassy blonde that later became part of her image and the dark hair doesn’t make her pop as much.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese is notorious as an all-American blonde but we actually prefer her as a brunette! With darker locks, Reese somehow looks younger and more pixie-like. Ironically, the blonde hair can make her look more sophisticated. Dark hair can really work well with fair complexions and light eyes as it adds depth to everything.

Amber Heard

Amber has played on both sides of the fence but she really looks astonishing as a blonde. With darker hair she is still pretty, but less remarkable. The lighter hair has the potential to turn her into a siren, especially when coupled with a bold red lip.

Kate Beckinsale

Vamp cat is also fortunate enough to be able to work blonde and brunette equally well but something about lighter hues washes her out. Darker hair accentuates Kate’s coloring and makes her far more noticeable – it also suits her meaty roles!

Natalie Portman

Natalie has been a blonde only briefly but she returned to the dark side post haste. Her big dark eyes, bold eyebrows and strong coloring made the blonde look harsh and unflattering. Similarly, to Anne Hathaway, such recognisable dark features can become warped by most shades of blonde and Natalie shines as a beautiful brunette.

Do you agree with our decisions or do you think the opposite?