The Secrets of Youth

There is no way to turn back time but when it comes to ageing, prevention is better than cure. With that said, here are some lifestyle changes and personal alterations you can make to boost your youthful appeal and keep perfectly in your prime regardless of chronological age.

Eliminate any bad habits

When it comes to youth, certain behaviours do not foster beauty. Smoke, alcohol, sun and sugar are all absolutely terrible for your skin. Unfortunately, these negative behaviours become patterns that over time, age us.

Alcohol and cigarettes dehydrate the skin and can damage it irreparably. If you drink, limit your intake to advised guidelines, or lower if you can. Think about how much fun you had as a child without alcohol in your system, and see if you can find other ways to lower inhibitions with a clear head. Cigarettes are destructive to skin cells and lungs and are one of the worst habits you can engage in.

Sun worship is another terrible habit. A fake tan is always preferable. Laying out in the sun will cause premature wrinkling, blemishes and sun spots. If fair skinned, take extra precautions but remember even darker skins can develop skin cancer and any sun related ailments.

Sugar is unfortunately one of the worst culprits of all and hard to avoid. Beyond tasty confectionary, cookies and candy, sugar is added to daily staples such as bread, cereals and beans. Limit your ‘fun’ sugars (found in chocolate for instance) and cut down on added sugars. Try to only take in sugar from natural sources such as fruits.

Replace the bad with good

To more easily displace a bad habit, you’ll need to find a replacement. If you are a snacker, bin the chocolates and crisps and replace them with fruits, vegetables, nuts, a dish of olives and feta cheese or humus and rice cakes. Such foods will sate you and boost your nutritional intake.
If you are often in the sun, opt for clothes that conceal the skin, especially vulnerable areas like the face and shoulders and avoid being out during the dead heat of the day. If a smoker, cut down or stop and look into the psychological reasoning behind why you smoke. Many smoke due to peer pressure, habit, boredom or to relieve stress. In fact, a lot of habits stem from these reasons. When you realise that a behaviour is actually the result of unhappiness a lot of the time, it can be a good motivator to change.
Try out new habits to see what sticks. The behaviour has to fit in with your lifestyle and be something that you enjoy, otherwise it is unlikely to work. Good options to consider are yoga, dance classes, buying a treadmill, having healthy snacks in the fridge, going for a walk on lunch breaks and putting on sunscreen every morning. If you can attach something positive to the behaviour, such as listening to your favourite song, it is more likely to work. Your habits and behaviours should be enjoyable to you and will eventually become second nature.

Keep Moving

A moving body is strong, fit and active. A sedentary body becomes weak, achy and overweight. Most of our lifestyles are no longer conducive to movement. We sit and drive everywhere we go. One way or another, to stay young you need to use your body. Swim, bike, walk, run…

You don’t need to become a gym bunny. A little walking and the odd swim go a long way. Do squats whilst you brush your teeth, get off a stop earlier on the way home or walk to the store instead of driving. The results add up and keep the body in shape. A lean, toned body looks healthier and younger (and feels it too).

Overhaul your diet

Let’s start off by saying, you can still eat fun things but eating rubbish makes your cells rubbish so it’s important to have an inherently healthy diet where you occasionally veer off-piste rather than an unhealthy diet with a few grapes thrown in.

Some so called super foods are oily fish, red wine, olives and olive oil, chia seeds, goji berries, avocados and raspberries. Try to keep your diet varied and limit pleasure eating. Eating should be enjoyable yes, but it should primarily be about fuelling the body. Imagine the difference the food is making to your body as you eat it.

Sass up your style

Okay, so Mother Nature is the ultimate manufacturer, but her style can be cultivated and copied. There are certain qualities that are associated with youthfulness and it’s those qualities that should be replicated.

Large, expressive eyes, blushed cheeks, long healthy hair and a lean figure are all associated with youth. It’s also important to keep on top of your style and hygiene. Dressing in a way that flatters you and keeping yourself maintained will keep you looking you best. Being aware of trends, fashions and styles keeps you abreast of what’s ‘in’ to prevent your look from becoming dated.

Follow these tips and you’ll be looking your very best.