Wow A New Partner Hair

Have you got a new crush or an exciting love in your life? Are you looking to catch (or keep) his attention?

Hair is known as one of the sexiest parts of the female anatomy. Hair conveys health, fertility, maintenance and personality in a big way. It’s indicative of so much about a person and when it comes to wowing a new partner, hair is one of the biggest weapons in any woman’s arsenal.


So, what can you do to get your partners heart racing with your hair?


Wild Woman

A recent study revealed that men’s favorite hair look is loose, tousled and wild. A vague curl, bed hair, wild waves…the look conveys a come to bed, low maintenance, up for anything sexiness that is irresistible to men. If you want to get your partners heart all a flutter, curls and waves are certainly the way to go. Fortunately, most women have hair that veers towards wavy, so adding waves and curls is largely effortless. If your hair is naturally poker straight, you can still get in on this trend but you’ll need to invest in lots of hair spray!



The human eye is drawn to contrast. As visual creatures, human beings like to take in the world via our eyes and we like color! Highlights and lowlights add dimensions and slices of color to hair that captivate the senses. It’s important to note that blocky color can look clumsy and actually act as a repellent. The eye registers it as too artificial. But subtle, nuanced color can look absolutely stunning and really transform hair instantly as well as wowing that potential love interest.



Playful layers around the face are attractive, perhaps because they evoke a sense of youth. No matter the length of your hair, adjusting the length around your face can really add something flirty and flattering to your style. There are different layers to consider; bangs that hit the eye, cheekbone or chin, and all flatter in different ways. To explore layers properly, visit a salon to discuss your hair length and face shape.



Of course all men have their preferences and we’d never want to discredit that. What one man likes is not so popular with another and of course the most important thing is that you are happy with your hair. That being said, one of the most enduring qualities that men desire when it comes to hair is length. If your hair looks dry and damaged at a certain length, extensions are a great remedy. Otherwise, a healthy head of hair is man snare numero uno. Long hair signals youth, fertility and commitment as well as someone who is prepared to put in the ground work for maintenance – all very attractive when looking for a long term relationship. The bottom line though is that shorter, healthier hair is superior to longer, damaged locks.


Short and Sassy

Another immensely popular style with men is a look that’s short and sassy. The sophisticated bob languishes in glamor and a heady sense of aloofness. It looks polished, discreet and graceful. A sassy short look can be created in salon to make sure that you’re turning heads in no time.


The 411?

-        Keep hair healthy. Remember, it is better to have shorter, healthier hair than longer, damaged hair

-        Use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for your hair needs

-        Use hair treatments regularly

-        Freshen up dry style with layers or highlights

-        Let your hair represent you

-        Always choose a style that makes you feel confident. Do it for you and never for a man!