Hair Extension Care

The decision to invest in extensions is not taken lightly by most clients. Hair extensions are most definitely an investment and always improve a person’s aesthetic. With that being said, poorly cared for extensions show wear and tear which minimises their impact. If you’ve gone through the process of selecting your color, length and texture, then you’ll want to ensure that you maintain your new look. Extensions typically require the same level of care as you would apply to your natural hair. Resist the urge to be rougher with extensions because it’s not your own hair. If you follow our tips, your extensions will remain in tip top condition for longer and it will be harder for observers to tell the difference between your own hair and your extensions!

Use the appropriate products

Just as with natural hair, hair extensions are prone to dryness and damage so you’ll want to use products designed to moisturise the hair and products that are gentle and not abrasive. Pick a shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner that focus on locking in moisture. It’s advisable to not wash hair extensions too often and to watch out for products that cause dryness. A lot of hair products contain a long list of chemicals which can actually drain the hair of vitality over time. Your stylist can recommend a trustworthy brand that is suited to your hair type. The key is to keep extensions moisturised and well cared for.

Beware of heat

Heat is essentially the enemy of hair. Although heat styling is great for creating beautiful, unique styles, you should not heat style all the time. Hair extensions are especially prone to damage from heat styling so limit the number of times per week that you straighten or curl your hair. Allow hair to dry naturally or revert to up-do’s that favor a more tousled, low-key look. Ensure that you use a heat protection spray before you style. Whenever you style your hair, take your time and be gentle. Do not pull, tug or drag the hair. The longer your extensions, the more patience you’ll need to exercise as brushing, washing and styling will all take considerably more time.

Take a break

Hair extensions are designed for regular use but it is still important to remove them from time to time to give your own hair and scalp a break. If you are using long, thick extensions, your scalp can carry a lot of excess weight. We advise removing extensions every few weeks for a couple of days.

Finally, ask your stylist. Most stylists will help you develop an aftercare programme to ensure that your extensions receive optimum care.