How are you hindering your own hair?

Is your hair growth slowing or has it stopped altogether? Does it not grow as quickly as it used to? Do you have a dream length that you are just not able to reach? Sometimes we can hinder our own hopes of hair growth and here’s how:


Stress has such a corrosive effect on the body and on our hair. Long term chronic stress or anxiety can limit hair growth, and even cause hair to fall out. Stress influences the physiology of the body and throws it out of whack. Try to suss out the source of your stress and implement strategies such as taking some you time or having a massage. Deep breathing, yoga, meditation and other relaxing practices are all very helpful. Taking time for you is very important.

Heat and chemical damage

If you are always styling, drying and using chemicals on your hair, it will become damaged and snap off, hindering growth. Hair dye, particularly peroxide can also put a lot of stress onto your hair. The hair will still grow but it will break off before it gets to a suitable length. Fortunately, you can reverse the damage done by eliminating bad habits. Commit to air drying, abandon heat styling and be gentle when you brush. You will notice a difference. The more you leave your hair alone, the healthier it will be. Save styling for special occasions.


Some medications can have a detrimental effect on hair health. Speak with your GP to discuss viable alternatives or ways to manage symptoms. They may be able to switch you to something more appropriate or alter your dose. Do not suddenly come off of medications without first consulting your doctor or a licensed health care professional.


Damaged hair is often dry so the miracle is moisturiser. Deep condition your hair on a regular basis to keep it in good quality. Hair that is not conditioned lacks moisture and oil that keeps it growing and looking good. Use argan oil, coconut oil and olive oil to keep hair soft and supple. The longer your hair, the more you need to condition it. The very bottom of your length can be decades old!

Too tight styles

Continuously wearing hair is overly tight styles can trigger traction alopecia. Over time, this can be hard to rectify so it’s better to opt for looser styles whilst you can. Tight styles can cause hair to grow back thinner and finer or in some cases, not at all.