How to choose your extensions

When it comes to selecting extensions, there is a lot to take into account. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve cut your hair too short or want a glamorous new look for a big party, choosing extensions takes a little time to get right.

There is no ‘one size fits all approach’ as each individual woman has different needs, wants and requirements. To help create the look that you desire, we’ve put together a hit list of factors to consider.

Have a read, prep photos and visit your hairdresser to work together to create your lovely look.


One of the main things to consider when choosing extensions is their color. Most people look for a color that is identical (or very similar) to their own. Others use extensions to create contrast, perhaps adding slithers of blonde or red. Color matching is a vital element of the process. You want extensions to blend in with your own hair and to look authentic and natural. The whole point of extensions is to create a natural, ‘passable’ look. Nobody wants their extensions to look glaringly obvious. A great way to color match is to photgraph your color in natural light. Bring your photo to us in salon and we will help match you to the appropriate color. If you are using extensions to create contrast, we’ll still need to work with your natural color to create a look that syncs well with your own hair.


Most people opt for extensions when their own hair is not their desired length. Perhaps the hairdresser cut it too short or it gets dry, damaged and straggly at the ends. When deciding on length, we take into account a person’s body shape, height and present haircut as all of these factors come together to create a cohesive whole. Waist length hair is very popular, affiliated with celebrities, mermaids and princesses. Some people want to get their hair to shoulder length or bust length. The options are endless.


Hair texture is another important consideration to take into account. Most people want thick, strong hair (understandably so). Take into account your own hair texture. Is it straight, flat, wavy, curly, voluminous or thin? This will impact your choice of extensions. Waves and curls lend decadents and softness whilst straighter looks create sleek sophistication.

These are the 3 main elements to consider when opting for extensions. We advise popping into the salon for a chat. Remember, extensions are for everyone and the options are as limitless as the imagination.