Shades and Skin Tone

Selecting shade requires a keen eye. Selecting a shade that suits your skin tone is not as straightforward as it seems. People come in a range of colors and even similar skin tones can still very dramatically from person to person. Skin tone is such an important element when it comes to choosing flattering hair. The wrong tone can throw everything from your makeup to your clothing choices completely off. The right shade can really transform your face. Finding the right color is like feeling at home with your hair and you’ll notice the difference once you find that right shade.

If you are pale skinned, dark locks may make you look witchy or wash you out. There are some exceptions to this (Megan Fox, Olivia Hussey). Creamy skin tones and blue eyes can really pop with very dark hair and this contrast is one of the most popular. As a general rule of thumb, a few shades lighter than your natural tone is usually the most flattering for most people.

Pink undertones should avoid garish warm red and blonde tones as these can really clash obnoxiously with your coloring creating a jarring effect. If you have yellow undertones, golden tones will be the most flattering. You’ll want colors that are rich and warm like golden blonde or red. Medium skin tones are flattered by pretty much any color. Warmer undertones really suit chocolate browns (browns with that slightly warmer shade). Cooler toned ladies suit colors like honey or caramel.

If you have tanned/olive skin, then darker colors are perfect for you. You can flirt with blonde and red but you should be careful not to go too light. If you have dark eyes and brows, then rich deep browns and black are perfect for you. Highlights and lowlights can create depth and slices of sunshine without deviating too far from your darker origins.

The darker your skin, the better you will look with darker locks. If you try to lighten your hair too much, you will cause your hair a lot of damage. The darker the strands, the more damage needs to be done to make hair lighter. The upkeep is also expensive and may lessen your hair quality over time (unless you keep hair very short). A great way to add color is to create a few streaks of lighter color (this adds interest but still keeps your color primarily dark).