How to Build Rapport With Your Stylist

The hunt for a hairstylist who knows what they are doing can be a long and arduous one but what happens if you find an excellent stylist, but you don’t click personally?

The relationship between hairstylist and client is a very important one. If you attend for routine cuts and touch-ups, you will see your stylist roughly every 6-8 weeks which equals a lot of time. The relationship also involves intimacy, communication and trust. Without these qualities, your relationship with your stylist is apt to break much like a frail hair.

Like any relationship, such bonds take time to build, so how can you cultivate a good rapport with your stylist?

Talk hair The central purpose of your coming together is to focus on hair. The avenues of communication must remain open so that you can discuss concerns, requirements and alterations. If you dislike your hair cut or color or feel that you are on a different wavelength to your stylist, then you need to feel confident to speak up and communicate what you want. Keep the focus on hair. Always bring it back to hair! Your appointments should mirror hair evolution as you build on your style. This gives you a linear focus that you should always keep at the forefront of your mind. Your stylist should bring a collaborative feel to appointments, merging your dream with their practical ability, to create the desired effect.

Ask questions Technically speaking, your stylist should initiate conversation in order to make the client feel at ease. Showing interest in your stylist and asking questions about their background and interest will help deepen your understanding of what your stylist does (and can do) for you and possibly open the door to common interests.

Dare to dream Have confidence in the fact that your stylist WANTS to make you happy. You should be able to share with your stylist your ultimate hair desires. Your stylist should always be able to find a way to make your hair goal happen, even if not right away. As with many things in life, if you play small, you’ll get small so it’s best to keep your hair goals large and keep voicing them. You’ll end up getting what you want.

Enjoy the time Although some people find trips to a stylist frightening or unenjoyable, most people find time spent with their stylist relaxing and fun. A hair appointment is you time and an investment in yourself. Shoot the breeze with your stylist, tell them what can make the experience more calming or enjoyable for you. The right stylist will always accommodate their client’s needs. Perhaps you see your appointments as a good time to sit back and daydream or maybe you enjoy being engaged in conversation. You’ll soon find yourself in an easy natural rhythm.


As for potential warning signs?


Watch out for any stylist who:


  • Doesn’t listen
  • Dismisses your ideas or input
  • Forces you to make dramatic changes such as a shorter cut or different color
  • Is easily offended by your opinion


The right stylist is out there for you 😊