Things men love about your hair

There’s no doubt about it, hair is one of the physical characteristics that men favour most in women. But have you ever wondered why men adore your hair so much?


It’s Feminine


There’s no doubt about it, hair is beautifully wonderfully feminine. This is perhaps the most powerful aspect of a woman’s physical allure. Beautiful hair is affiliated with all representations of womanhood and has become the accepted standard of beauty. Mermaids, Princesses and Amazons are all affiliated with mesmerizing and memorable hair. What makes hair so enticing and evocative to men is that it is so uniquely feminine.


It Signals Fertility


On the face of it, hair may just be protein but it is also closely linked (at least at first sight) to fertility and this is because beautiful hair is associated with health. Of course, you can have unhealthy hair and be perfectly fertile but many people still like to link the two. Fertility is attractive to men at a primitive level and unconsciously is what we all look for in a partner, whether we actually want children or not.


It Represents Health


Closely linked with fertility, hair represents health particularly if long and luscious. If a person is healthy, they are more likely to be fertile. Because hair leaches vitamins and minerals from food to look so good and because diet and proper nourishment can improve hair quality, attractive hair is intimately connected to the general state of your body. When we are stressed or unwell, our hair can suffer so it makes sense that when we are well and relaxed, our hair reflects this.


It’s Kinky


For many, hair is sexual and certainly sensual. Try running your hands through someone’s hair and you’ll know what we mean! The nerve endings that run through the hair are highly sensitive and stimulated by touch. Men love hair because it has its place in the bedroom! In Latin, hair obsession translates to Capillos Nimiam.


It’s Different!


What men find attractive about hair is that it makes women different from men; the way we wear it, style it and decorate it, is completely differently to the ways in which men care for their hair. Whereas men tend to favour shorter styles or wild, unkempt locks, women take great pride in showering their hair with love. As such, men feel drawn to that which signifies that a woman is in their midst!


It’s Stylish


Good hair reflects style and style suggests personality, charm and swagger. It is this sense of style that sets trends, creates muses and ingénues and draws us to strike up a conversation with a stranger. After all, what signifies the difference between one blonde and another other than their own personal sense of style?