Famous blonde and brunette sisters

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They say that blondes have more fun but brunettes are snapped up for marriage faster than their blonde brethren. When it comes to these blonde and brunette sisters, you be the judge.


Gigi and Bella Hadid


Models Gigi and Bella are like night and day. Whereas Gigi is blonde and sunshine personified, Bella is moody and dark. This sets up an interesting juxtaposition between the sisters. The difference in hair color sets the two apart, ensuring that people do not confuse the brands of the siblings and enabling them both to shine in different arenas.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


When Mary-Kate went dark she shattered any illusions that the famous twins were mirror images of one another. The symbiotic relationship shared by the twins was broken by this risqué shade which suited Mary-Kate famously. A change in hair color can make a dramatic difference and this bold look flattered MK very well.


Kylie and Dani Minogue


Australian pop stars Kylie and Dani have both enjoyed their time in the sun and although Kylie rose to fame first, Dani followed suit not long after. The Aussie duo, although obviously related, have definitely done themselves a favor by setting themselves apart. Although it can be easy for nepotism to rule and for star siblings to skate along on the successes of their famous family member, if you’re too alike you may find there is no market for you. Darker-haired Dani managed to pave her own career from beyond her sisters shadow and that is in part thanks to her raven shade.


Paris and Nicky Hilton


Paris hit it big with her bold, brash Barbie personality. As a socialite and reality star, Paris believed herself to be the iconic American blonde of our time. By comparison, sister Nicky was quieter, more reserved and far more mysterious. I mean, what do you really know about Nicky? This may be a case of blondes do have more fun (Paris has definitely lived a life) but Nicky is settled with a rich hubby and her name has largely avoided being splashed across the tabloids.


Beyonce and Solange Knowles


Although not a natural blonde, in recent years Beyonce has been one of the stages most famous blondes. By contrast, her sister Solange favors big, natural, dark hair. Perhaps Beyonce feels that blonde hair fits her Sasha Fierce alter-ego. Beyonce and Solange are completely different artists and have enjoyed completely different career trajectories, and thanks to their hair, there’s no way you’d ever confuse the two.


Remember, to get out of the shadow from your big or little scene stealing sister, a different hair color or style can make a big difference.


1)    If your sister is blonde, go dark or red. Be opposite.

2)    If your sister has short locks, use extensions to create super long hair that sets you apart.

3)    Style your hair differently. Hairstyles create personality.