Hot new hair trends of 2017

Hot new hair trends of 2017
So, you want hot hair in 2017? If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve compiled a list of the latest trends that are all set to light 2017 on fire.
Ready, set, go!
The Side Part
This year, it’s all about an extreme side part. There are no half measures here. The key is to use plenty of product to ensure that fly-away hairs don’t ruin the sleekness of this look. Pick your best side and go for a deeper part.
Mermaid Magic
An enduring trend in 2017 is one that was wildly successful throughout 2016 as well, proving that not all trends need to be abandoned this year. Fishtail braids are endearingly popular, but to add a subtle twist to the trend, plait hair down the centre of your parting. Come in and talk to one of our stylists to add pastel extensions to modify this look.
Go for Grey
Grey no longer needs to be hidden away. Thanks to X-Men and a host of older ladies paving the way, grey hair has become a promising trend. You can either embrace grey and go for an all over look or incorporate grey into balayage for an exciting update. Scared to make grey permanent? Extensions are a great compromise and can be removed when oyu desire.
Another enduring trend from 2016 is the OBSESSION with balayage. This hot hair look is promising because it embraces sun-kisses glam without the need for an all-over dye job. It enables brunettes to experiment with blonde without committing all the way and as it grows out, it proves to be cost effective and looks beautiful after a summer holiday away.
Pastel shades and ice cream colors are all the rage right now. You want to opt for light blues, pinks and greens for a look that is so jaw-droppingly beautiful, you may never go back to conventional colors.
This year is all about the accessory and for 2017, the focus is on glitz and glam. You can either go all out or incorporate something subtle into your day to day style.
Lob it off
The lob (or longer bob) is gaining momentum amongst those who don’t want to go too short. This style is great because if you like it, you can chop a little more and opt for a bob but you’re also at a great mid-length that remains fun to play with and can be grown out. Cara Delevigne and Miranda Kerr have all opted for the hyper-stylist lob in the past year.
Au Natural
Once upon a time, pesky roots were a fashion no-no but now showing your roots is a bit edgy and grunge. Kristen Stewart loves to let her roots show as does the typically immaculately put together J-Law. This is great news for the rest of us mere mortals who have permission to adopt a more low key approach.
Follow the Rainbow
Why have one color when you can have two, or three or even four? Rainbow hair is bang on trend whether you choose subtle pastel combinations or bold primary colors. This is a look that can really be adapted to suit your individual quirks.
Cameron D
Beachy hair, popularised by Cameron Diaz is still endlessly popular because it is easy and effective. Choppy layers help lend shape and ease to this stunning low-key look ideal for babes who hang out at the beach or are on the go.
Wet Look
Wet look hair is back in business, thanks to the Kardashians. This look is great for stepping out on holiday when you have a golden tan and a LBD to die for.
Super Long Hair
Princess long hair is always in style and remains so in 2017. If you can’t grow the look, opt for extensions instead.
Be progressive and opt for a look that blurs the line between the masculine and feminine. Androgynous shorter cuts can really bring out a super feminine face and add interest.
What’s your favorite hair trend of 2017?