How to Boost your Hair Confidence

When it comes to confidence, nothing can get you there quite like hair. The right cut, color or style can dramatically influence your self-image and self-esteem. So, if you feel stuck in a hair (or confidence) rut, what can you do to feel secure about your hair?


Go for a look that’s authentically you


There are endless trends crowding the market and although these styles can be intriguing and alluring, it’s important that you don’t mimic a passing fad just because it’s in especially if it’s not YOU. If hair extensions are popular but aren’t your image, then make sure that you have the wherewithal to stick with what you want, even if it involves bucking a trend. A great way to keep confident with regards to hair is to rock an evolution of your own style. If you’re naturally blonde with thick hair, boost your blonde with a treatment, deep conditioner and perhaps a few boosts of fresh blonde to emphasise your look. If you are naturally brunette, keep your hair dark but play with subtle shades of color. You do not need to change who you are to be in fashion. If you’re a practical, sporty person then finding a suitable shorter do can very much be in line with the way that you lead your life (you can always add extensions for special occasions).


Don’t deviate too much from your own texture


Hair is all about getting creative but staying with your own hair texture gives you confidence in your own style. If you struggle to grow long health hair, Brighton Salon can assist with extensions which match your own texture that can really boost your hairs impact. Extensions are a great way to achieve a glorious mane of hair and Brighton Salons experience in this area can help you create the look you dream of.


Let your hair fantasies fly


What’s your ultimate hair fantasy? Have you always dreamt of being a beautiful blonde or an impactful redhead? Do you favor a shorter style or do you long for long hair? Be honest about your hair goals. Your stylists will form the squad that set these goals in motion.


Develop what you know but take chances


To make the most of your hair, you have to know it. Understand it’s texture, color, the way that it grows and what it needs to be at its best. Within this, take risks, experiments and try new products. The line between the two is what makes great hair.


Make a change


Sometimes we get stuck in style ruts because they feel familiar and comfortable. Some of us keep our hair too long because it serves as a security blanket. If you know that you need to make a change but keep putting it off, then be brave.


Trust your stylist


It’s essential that you put your trust in your stylist. If the trust isn’t there, then look for a stylist who you believe in. Together, the two of you can create great works of art. Your stylist can get you using the right products and share their wealth of expertise with you. Knowledge is power and that is especially true for hair!


Go for a look that embraces who you want to be


Just as you can stick with a style that expresses your authentic self, you can also pick a style that you can evolve into or that represents who or what you want to be. If you’ve always seen yourself as fiery, then red hair might feel like a fun step for you. If you like the idea of the iconic Hollywood blonde contemporised by the likes of Margot Robbie, then finding a shade of blonde that works can be ideal in feeling more like the woman you want to become.  Part of being confident with your hair involves being confident in yourself so looking for cuts, styles and colors that mirror this is vital.