How to create your best hair using extensions

Hair extensions are a popular and effective way to create a client’s perfect hair. Versatile and durable, there is very little that extensions can’t do.


If you’re trying to create your best hair look with extensions, then there are certain things that you need to consider beforehand.


Match your extensions to your own hair


If you want natural looking extensions that blend seamlessly with your own hair, then consider natural extensions (although artificial extensions can still be very effective and less costly). You’ll want to select extensions with your stylist during your consultation that match the color, texture and style of your own hair. Doing so creates a more unified look. Selecting the right extensions is half the battle. By speaking with one of our stylists, you can explore the diverse array of options available and decide which choice is best for you.


What do you want from extensions?


The best way to achieve the look you want is to KNOW exactly what you want. Most people use extensions to either:


1)    Increase length

2)    Increase thickness and volume


A third group use extensions for more experimental looks that incorporate wild colors and crazy textures for example, but predominantly, a stylist will be dealing with clients who fall into category 1 or 2.


Some people want extensions for everyday use (which includes the office). Others opt for extensions for special occasions such as weddings, parties and celebrations. For everyday wear, more natural looking extensions are often preferable. For special occasions, people tend to go bigger and better!


What’s your lifestyle?


Extensions, just like hair, need to be able to fit in with our lifestyles. It’s useful to speak to your stylist about what you get up to. Are you sporty? A model? Are you trying to impress? Going through a relationship lull and need your spark back? Are you trying to look like your best self, or are you going for something different? It’s useful to show your stylist examples of hair that you admire or wish to replicate. You can then put your own stamp on it.


What are your hair struggles?


Hair extensions are a great way to escape the things that we dislike about our own hair. If you think your hair is too thin, then naturally you will want extensions that give your hair thickness. If you find it hard to grow a healthy head of hair, then length may be your thing. Identifying hair struggles highlights what you want or need from your stylist.


Care for your hair


Extensions are easy to care for. You don’t need to deviate from the way in which you would treat your own hair, although there can be different rules for styling fake hair. Your stylist can give you a breakdown of how to treat extensions once they’ve been applied to keep them in good shape.


Just go for it!


Extensions are suitable for everybody! If you’re tempted to try extensions, then why not come and speak to us in salon or over the phone? Take the plunge. You won’t regret it.