How to Select a Stylist

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Choosing a salon or stylist for the first time is daunting and can be maddening. With so many options from high street salons to Instagram stylists, how can we make the best decisions for our hair? When drowning in options, how can you make an educated choice? Consider the following options below and you may find your search far easier.

Questions are your friends!

If in doubt, ask! Family, friends and even people you see in the street can be an invaluable resource. If you see someone and like their hair or a particular aspect of their hair such as the cut or color, ask them where they get their hair done and by whom. The truth is, people love compliments and enjoy talking about their work. You’ll make someone’s day and grab a new stylist in the process! Friends and family are excellent to ask because they won’t lie and chances are the stylist will be close by, affordable and accessible by your standards.

Get on FB and Insta

Social media has exploded with stylists and hairdressers which can be overwhelming but by stalking your favorite stylists and salons, you’ll get an idea of how they work and what they can create. It’s like looking at a portfolio of the salons best work and variety of styles. You also might find your own creativity piqued. Pictures are a great way to get an idea about what you want for your own hair and to see what a salon is realistically capable of creating. This gives you a tangible idea of what to expect.

Check Reviews

It’s useful to read reviews such as Yelp and Cityvoter to gauge how happy people have been with their hair after visiting a particular salon. Although reviews are subjective, you’ll soon see a pattern if there’s a place you should be staying away from. Likewise, glittering reviews should fill you with confidence. If you’re interested in a particular salon, look it up and see what the buzz on the street is.

Dedicate time to research

If you know what you want and are worried about getting it, research is the only way. If you want to find the best blonde colorist, the best stylist for bangs or the expert in long hair or extensions, then the internet is your best resource. Have a look online and see what you find.


Do you have any hints or tips that have helped you find a stylist or salon?