How to update your look with extensions

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What makes hair extensions so popular? In part, hair extensions can be used to change your look quickly, refresh a tired style and they aren’t a permanent commitment. Making changes to your natural hair, well, you can’t always go back. With extensions, you can get creative and change your hair on a whim. With that in mind, here’s how you can use hair extensions to update your look immediately.

Curls and Volume

It’s easy for people to assume that actresses, singers and models are just blessed with amazing hair. ALL OF THEM. Each and every one. But most of them are using extensions. Yep, that’s right. Extensions are used by everyone. It’s one of the trades best kept secrets and us mere mortals can replicate the trend too. In order to achieve such curls and volume, extensions are added. So, if curls and volume are missing from your life, consider extensions. Our stylist can add volume and curls easily and effortlessly using either artificial or human hair.

Add color (without chemicals)

Us ladies love to experiment with color but color can be incredibly damaging and drying for our hair, especially if you opt for platinum blonde (and blonde is always in style!). If you dye your hair frequently, the damage and destruction builds over time. Fortunately, extensions make it easy to experiment with color either with slices of extensions or with natural human hair in your desired color. You can also change colors (and looks) frequently without feeling bogged down by your blonde, brunette or red locks. It’s easy to play around with unnatural colors and rose gold and light pastels are very on trend right now and impossible to find in nature!

Go long

Short hair is in style at the moment with Scarlett Johansson and Katy Perry both rocking shorter locks and although we are a fan of the androgynous look, long hair remains universally desirable. For instant long locks, especially for a special occasion, nothing can beat the speed and ease of extensions. For a more natural look, you can’t beat human hair extensions and you don’t have to wait for your own hair to grow! If you’ve recently had a cut and regret it, then extensions can sit in whilst your own hair grows. It’s a win-win.

Add thickness

If your hair is thin, limp and lifeless, then extensions can add that much desired thickness that you desire (think Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively). Thickness along with long, are the two things our clients request the most and make hair look more desirable.

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