Questions to Ask Your Stylist

Whether you are meeting a new stylist or deepening the connection with your own stylist, there are certain questions that you really should be asking so if you haven’t already, here are some recommendations to get the ball rolling!

Remember, your stylist knows hair inside and out and are a valuable font of knowledge. Don’t be afraid to be proactive and utilise their expertise.


What products would you recommend?


We are all blessed with different hair types and as such we all have different needs. Products that work for others, may not work well for you and vice versa. Your stylist has an understanding of the market and which products, appliances and techniques are revolutionising hair right now. They also know what has been tried, tested and remains effective and which products should be left in the dust. If you like the way that your stylist makes your hair look and feel, why not ask what products they have used to achieve this so that you can replicate the effects at home?


If I would let you do anything to my hair, what would you do?


Your stylist quite possibly has completely different ideas about your hair than what you personally envision and of course, the client has the final say! But it can be fun and even fuel the fire of your own imagination, to ask the hairdresser what they would do to your hair, if they had the opportunity.


Would short hair suit me?


Stylists normally have a good eye for face shapes, facial proportions and which cuts and styles flatter which look. You might have particular areas that you feel self-conscious about or wish to conceal. The right haircut can be an effective way to improve confidence as well as appearance. A stylist can let you know if shorter hair would so, and if so which kind of look to cultivate.


What vision do you have for my hair?


Developing a relationship with your stylist doesn’t end after one appointment. Ideally, you’ll be going back and evolving and updating your hair over time. Asking the stylist what their overall vision for your hair is (and checking if it is compatible with your own) is vital.


What hair color should I go for?


Sometimes we know for sure what we want, whether it suits us or not, but with so many shades and hues on the market, blonde, red and brown aren’t so straightforward any more. Add highlights, lowlights, baby lights and balayage into the mix and there’s a whole lot going on in the world of color. Ask your stylist for their opinion. What would suit you? What works?


What about bangs?


Most of us eliminate bangs once we leave school, but bangs are making a comeback. Most people suit bangs and of course there are different ways to adopt them for different individuals.


What cut and color combo should I go for?


Combining the right cut and color can make your look the bomb. Sometimes we all tend to play it safe, sticking with habit rather than going for something we really want.


What is the most common style that you do?


If you’re trying to break the mould or trying to figure out what’s in fashion, ask your stylist what the most popular cuts, colors, treatments and styles are. This gives you an idea of what to follow, or, if you’re a rebel, deviate from.


What’s your favorite product?


Ask your stylist about their favorite hair products or what products they use at home. Of course, be aware of pitch and sales patter, but an honest dialogue can be very revealing!


Which part suits me best?


Some clients vigilantly part their hair the same way and have done for years. Others let their hair fall where it wants to. Your stylist might have ideas about which part looks best. Why not ask?


Could you comment on the general health of my hair?


If your hair looks unhealthy, needs a bit of a chop or some TLC, your stylist can let you know. They can also let you know what you are doing right and what you should continue to do to improve the quality and condition of your hair. Lacklustre hair can always be aided with extensions. Just ask our stylists.


How can I make my hair look as good as it looks when I leave the salon?


It’s a common problem. Hair looks awesome when you leave the salon but can be hard to replicate at home. Ask the stylist for tips and hints so that you can get perfect style as and when you want it.


How often would you recommend I book an appointment?


How often you need to return to the salon depends on what you need done; regular trims? Roots re-done? Sharpening up a shorter style? Your stylist will give you recommended times to return.


Remember, ask and ye shall receive!