Super Long Hair: Do's and Dont's

Super long hair is an enduring fashion trend.

We associate long hair with fertility, virility, health and femininity.

Long hair has become synonymous with princesses, mermaids, sirens and glamorous models and actresses.

But when it comes to long hair, it’s not as simple as growing your hair as long as you can. There are definitely do’s and don’ts that you should follow.


Go for regular trims

If you heat style or dye your hair often, your hair will accrue damage over time. It’s advisable to trim ends every 4-6 weeks to remove split ends and other damage. If you allow hair to grow without cutting out the damage, you’ll find your hair looks straggly and unkempt. Regular trims are an essential part of any beauty regime.

Deep condition

As well as shampooing and conditioning, with super long hair, you need to apply a deep conditioner at least once a week. You can purchase deep conditioners or create your own using ingredients found at home. Eggs, beer, avocado, coconut oil and olive oil are all excellent options. Keeping hair moisturized is key to keeping it healthy and strong.

Opt for extensions

If you have short hair or find it hard to maintain healthy hair once it gets to a certain length, then extensions are a great alternative. Our specialists can match extensions to your hair color, style and texture to create length and thickness. Extensions are easy to apply and care for and can be removed whenever you are ready to return to your natural look. Hair extensions are often the most effective way to get super long hair that is:

a)    Undamaged;

b)    Attractive.

Most people can only grow their hair so long before it starts to look undesirable (a few lucky unicorns can grow super long hair that always looks amazing but they are rare!). Extensions are often the best and quickest way to get the look.


Hold on to harmed hair

If you have long damaged hair, it’s tempting to avoid cutting it because the length becomes more valuable than the hairs condition. We would advise you to cut away any damage, which yes, may deplete you of a few inches but will ultimately give you healthier and more attractive hair. Extensions can always be used to compensate for any lost length whilst your own hair grows. Keeping hair long as a comfort is a common faux pas that we see and is easily rectified.

Keep hair all one length

Add layers to your hair to escape that blockish look that one-length hair can cultivate. Even a few subtle layers can really lighten the look. Some people are concerned that layers will make their hair look thin or too choppy but there are many types of layers and more subtle looks can create a more authentic look.

Over style

If you want super long hair, you cannot heat style it all the time. You can either:

1)    Find alternatives to heat styling

2)    Use extensions (which you can get away with styling)

3)    Heat style only for special occasions

Too much heat can damage hair and will make your goal of super long hair disappear.