Things you should ask your stylist before getting extensions part 1

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Extensions remain an enduring and easy way to get longer locks fast. Our hair experts at Brighton Salon are perfectly placed to help you generate a full, thick and healthy head of hair but prior to opting for extensions, what burning questions should you ask your stylist?


How long does the process take?


How long is a piece of string? This really depends on how many extensions are required to achieve your desired result. Lengthening extensions can take 4-5 hours whilst thickening extensions can take between 1-3 hours. A consultation with a Brighton Salon hair stylist can help you suss out the time required to apply the extensions.


Are extensions too obvious?


People like to think that they can spot extensions from a mile away, but if extensions are added that match your own style and color, it’s pretty much impossible to tell (unless you share the secret). If you’re not prepared to let the cat out of the bag then no-one will know. Some extensions may look more obvious than others but that may be part of the desired effect. In these instances, you’ll probably want people to know that you’ve gone for something wild and funky. There are extensions to suit all occasions, from reserved day to day professional spaces to parties and celebrations where a walk on the wild side is mandatory.


Does my hair need to be a certain length in order for extensions to be applied?


The very minimum length for hair to be in order for hair extensions to be applied is 4-5 inches. This means that very few are exempt from extensions!


Are hair extensions expensive?


Again, the cost of extensions greatly depends on the look that you are going for and how many extensions need to be used. A consultation with a hair stylist will give you a breakdown of the time and costs involved.


Can extensions ever look natural?


Hair extensions absolutely can look natural. In fact, we could point out an array of famous faces who you’d never know had gone the fake route! The best way to get hair extensions to look natural is to match them with your own color, texture and style to add length and thickness. We take great pride in working WITH your hair, not against it.


Can extensions ruin my hair?


A lot of people worry about this and the fear that extensions may spoil hair can put a lot of people off. If hair extensions are applied and cared for properly, then damage will not occur. If you are concerned about hair damage, speak with one of our stylists who can help put your mind at ease.


How long can I leave extensions in for?


Hair extensions typically last for three months.


Can I add color to my extensions?


Yes, your stylist can color your extensions for you. In fact you can experiment with color that would otherwise be too harsh or damaging on your own hair which leaves you open to endless options.


Should I give my hair a break before opting for another set of extensions?


If your hair extensions have been applied and removed in the correct way by a stylist then there is no need for you to wait before applying a new set of extensions. 


Can the sun and sea damage my extensions?


You’ll want to treat extensions just as you would your own hair. Although extensions can be more durable, you still don’t want to risk unnecessary damage. Treat your hair gently and with kindness and this will minimise the risk of any hair damage.


If I hate my extensions, what do I do?


It’s unlikely that you’ll hate the look if you attend a consultation to discuss what you want. However if you are dissatisfied with the end result, our stylists will happily remove your extensions for you.