Things you should ask your stylist before getting extensions Part 2

In our first segment, we answered some of your burning questions when it comes to extensions. In part 2, we answer some further questions you may have about the process.

How will extensions effect my busy life?

Extensions are designed to fit around your life, not distort it. Water does not reveal the extension joins and the hair is applied in such a way that it is durable in water, in weather and to suit your busy life! You’ll still want to treat your hair with gentle kindness, just as you would your natural hair but extensions are designed to be tough!

What is the process for hair extension removal?

If you have selected artificial hair, the hair is gently heated which causes it to soften and come away. If you have opted for real hair, a releaser solution is applied to each individual extension which are then removed one by one.

Are some extensions more expensive than others?

The answer is yes. Real hair costs more than artificially made hair, which can be double the price. The reason is simple; natural hair takes time to grow whereas fake hair can be manufactured quickly.

How do I style my extensions?

Fake hair is easy to style and can hold a style for days. It is important to treat hair cautiously when styling especially with heat, but during a consultation your stylist can outline some easy to replicate styles and provide you with self-care tips to take home.

Are hair extensions heavy?

You might think so, but no. If hair extensions are applied correctly, then they will not weigh you down. Your stylist will know where to apply the extensions to balance the look.

Do extensions damage the scalp?

Extensions are fitted close to the hair root but they do not damage or harm the scalp. You will still be able to touch your scalp.

Do I need to buy different hair care products for my extensions?

 If you have selected artificial hair, you can use the same shampoo and conditioner as you would on your own hair but we do advise that you spend extra time conditioning hair to keep it lush. For natural hair, you can use the same products.

Can I heat style extensions?

Yes, you can use all of the same styling equipment that you would use on your own hair however if you have selected fake hair, straightening irons and curlers should not be used. Your stylist will let you know how to create the styles you need.

 Do extensions dry naturally?

Yes, they behave exactly as your own hair would.

 What if I want to change my extensions?

 If you get bored of your new look and fancy a shake up, then we can help you. Just pop back in and we can get to work!