How to rock androgyny

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Androgyny, the blending of the traditionally masculine with the traditionally feminine, is a hot trend this year so if you want to jump on board, here’s how to rock it!


Escape your notions of what is ‘feminine’


We are fed a steady diet of what constitutes femininity which typically equates to long hair. Now, we aren’t taking anything away from the long-haired ladies – it still rocks! But androgyny says that we can redefine the feminine. Celebs who’ve embraced androgyny include David Bowie, Demi Moore, Charlize Theron and Scarlett Johansson. To get yourself out of the box and away from indoctrinated thinking, you need to re-evalute what femininity and masculinity mean to you on a personal level. Androgyny throws expectations to the wind and is a powerful, bold move.


Put your stamp on androgyny


Androgyny is well reflected in our culture. Look to David Bowie, Pris from Blade Runner and Adam and the Antz for just a few examples. Our depiction of men and women has, at certain historical points, been more fluid, allowing one to bleed into the other. Dig up famous examples of androgyny to see which look you like and make sure to put your own personal stamp on it. A consultation with one of our stylists can help you thrash our how you want this look to come to life.


Re-define your relationship with your hair


Having less hair doesn’t make you any less of a woman. Having more does not make you less masculine. A lot of our psychology can be tied up in how we wear our hair. It can be our security blanket, hold our history and reveal what we think about traditional gender roles. If you want to go for an androgynous look, but feel reluctant to do so, it can be useful to analyse why. Do you think the look won’t suit you? (Don’t fret – there’s a style for everyone). Is it because your hair carries a lot of emotional meaning to you? If so, this needs to be unpacked.


Wig it up


If you have long hair, going short can be frightening! Before going for the chop, consider experimenting with different wigs to see how different styles look with your features. This is a great way to get to grips with a look before making it official.


Remember, extensions are at the ready to save you!


If you opt for an androgynous look and hate it (which is unlikely if you have a hair consultation first), then hair extensions are at the ready to return your hair to its former glory. You only need 3-4 inches of hair to apply extensions and we use extensions that blend beautifully with your own color, texture and style.


Be brave


Rocking androgynous hair is all about personality. Be bold, be brave and be confident. You rock!