Interview hair

There are certain times in life when you really need to look your best. Interviews are most certainly one of them! So, you’ve got the outfit and you’ve gone over answers to possible questions a thousand times, now all that’s left to do is get your hair interview-ready! We’ve selected some of most impressive hairstyles that we think might help net you the job.


The polished up do


Nothing screams professionalism quite like a refined and elegant up do. What makes this style work is that it is also practical and comfortable. During interviews, it can be tempting to hide behind our hair, using it as a shield. With an up do, you present a sense of confidence and self-acceptance. Your interviewers can literally see you more clearly! Sound daunting? Well perhaps it is, but you will be sending the right message.


Straight, sleek and serious


Straight hair is still in and looks professional and prepared. You’ll probably feel more confident stepping in with this look, which looks sleek yet not overdone. It’s also easy to get this look together. Add some serum to your hair to keep it soft and shiny for your interview.


The high pony


Does the high pony still seem a bit school girlish? We disagree. The high pony, similarly to the up do, is a great way to showcase your face during an interview highlighting your confidence, capability and competence. Although it can be tempting to hide behind your hair, displaying your face speaks volumes about how ready you are to tackle the interview. You can always leave a few side strands down if you prefer.


The bun


The bun is one of the most common styles used in day to day life by women and it’s for a good reason: it keeps your hair out of your face and looks professional at the same time. When people think of buns, they don’t think glamor but may we remind you of Audrey Hepburn and urge you to reconsider? The bun is the epitome of professional cool.




For perfecting any of the above looks, extensions are very effective. You can add length, volume or thickness to your hair to help improve your confidence on the day.


Pop along to speak with one of our stylists to:


·       Discuss your style and be taught how to replicate it at home;

·       Have extensions matched to your color and texture;

·       Have a pre-interview spruce up.