How to care for color treated hair



We all love dying our hair. There’s no escaping it. But color-treated hair does require a little extra TLC.  If you want your color to last and look gorgeous, then take our tips on board.


Be smart with products


There are plenty of products on the market that are designed specifically for color-treated hair. You want to look for products that are ammonia-free as ammonia can strip color from hair.


Be sparse with shampoo


If you want color to last, it’s best to wash hair less often. This is better for your hair generally anyway, as it enables your scalp and hair to absorb oils that contribute to hair growth and health. If your hair is especially oily, you may need to wash more frequently but dry shampoos can be a life saver.


Slather on the conditioner


Conditioner is important as it can intensify and prolong the life of your color. You should condition every time you wash your hair. Leave-in and deep conditioners are also very beneficial and should be used often (at least once a week.). There are endless homemade deep conditioners you can use if you want to use all-natural ingredients.


Hold up on the hairspray


Hairspray contains agents that can strip sheen from hair, even as they hold it in place. Consider alternative products that don’t damage your hair.


Be wary of water


In all other ways, water is vital for life but when it comes to hair, too much water can cause color fade. If you swim often, purchase a swim cap to keep hair hidden away. Wash shampoo and conditioner from your hair but don’t let hair sit under the water for prolonged periods of time. This is one of the most common causes of color fade.


Beware of the sun


Just as with skin, the sun can be hazardous to hair. To protect your hair from the sun, use hair products with SPF. There are also certain hairstyles that limit hair damage such as braids and buns.  A cap that is not too tight-fitting will also help limit your hairs exposure to the sun.


Lay off the heat


Heat styling is still all the rage but it can make your color look lacklustre. Air drying is best but for a polished look, use serums and sprays.


If you follow these tips, your color should stay in good shape.