How to care for red hair




Natural redheads won’t have this problem (lucky you!) but for the artificial converts amongst you, you’ll know how difficult it can be to keep up the rich vibrancy of red hair. You leave the salon with a bold, dangerous color and weeks later, you’re left with something feeble that leaves lots to the imagination.


Whether your hair idol is Jessica Rabbit or Geri from the Spice Girls, red hair is, tragically, one of the fastest colors to fade, but also, one of the most impressive and show-stopping. This is the paradox of red hair!


The reason why red hair fades so quickly is because the molecules in red dye are so small (the smallest of any dye) which means they are the fastest color to exit and enter the hair follicle. For this reason, red hair is so vibrant and powerful when first applied and achieved and can look so lacklustre and dull after a relatively brief time.


So how can you preserve the oomph in your red after you leave the salon?


For starters, you’ll want to choose a quality color. For red, it’s better to have your hair colored in salon where higher quality dyes will be used. Your stylist will be able to select a shade of red that suits, mixing colors if necessary. After all, red runs the gamut from Emma Stone to Jessica Chastain and it’s important to get it right.


Applying a gloss to wet hair and using products designed for red hair is so important. Color preserving shampoos and conditioners are vital. If you have recently dyed your hair red, you need to avoid harsh shampoos that strip color quickly and red will strip out faster than most! One of the key causes of color fade is water, so you’ll want to wash your hair less often and be sparing with the water. You also need to be very careful in chlorinated water and in the sunshine.


To maintain red hair, you need more frequent color sessions with a stylist to keep the color boosted. Typically, the color will need to be revived every 4-6 weeks. For this reason, red hair is a real commitment.


You can also embrace the fade as the color tempers down to softer embers rather than a bold, vivacious shade. Just remember that opting for red hair requires upkeep, plenty of love and being mindful about what your hair needs.


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